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A Layton CONspiracy?

Many Liberals suspect that the NDP and Conservatives are in an unholy yet informal alliance to try to totally obliterate the Liberals from the electoral map. Is this picture proof of that?

Proof of the Unholy Alliance?

On the left is Christian Conservative. On the right is.. well.. you don’t really need me to tell you who that is, do you? Christian Con. isn’t even hiding from this picture – he’s actually proudly posting it at his site.

Now, I’m not a conspiracy theory person usually… but I wanna know what was said at this meeting of the minds 😉


16 comments to A Layton CONspiracy?

  • “and sorry Mike, but your entire theory is bunk. ”

    Well that’s exactly what you’d expect the plant to say! Proof that I am right!
    You’re a good sport CC…

  • Christian Con:

    That would presume that Layton’s staff reads blogs or takes notice of them… if Brad Lavigne’s opinion still holds sway, that may not necessarily be the case… tho I’m happy to use this blogpost to  make sure the Liberal research staff at the OLO knows who you are  😉


  • For the record, it’s unlikely that he had any idea who I was at the time… though I’m sure his staff have some idea now.

  • Wow… started a thing here, did I?

    I confess, I’m a political junkie… I’ll pose with various people of various stripes, as long as I can have some level of respect for them… which I do for Mr. Layton.  Though I think he’s consistantly wrong, at least he’s consistant in his ideology… and for that, I can respect him.

    I’ve also got a pics with the leader of the Ontario Green Party, Mr. Harper, several current cabinet ministers, Preston Manning, Ralph Klein, Bill Carroll from CFRB1010, Kevin Newman and Leslie Roberts from CanWest Global, but didn’t have a camera with me back in 93 when I met PM Kim Campbell and her then deputy PC leader, Tory Jean Charest… and I’m still hunting for my Warren pic.  😉

    You’re correct, Jack was busy, so I didn’t really have a chance to chat with him and tell him who I was… though I did wish him the best of luck on taking seats from Mr. Dion in the next election… I was very careful in choosing my words, because I didn’t want to wish him too much luck, because we want to take a couple from him out in BC.

    ps – I’m not the die-hard-to-the-exclusion-of-anyone-else kind of partisan that some folks make me out to be… and sorry Mike, but your entire theory is bunk.  😉

  • Ted

    I am also a conservative. I would be proud to have my picture taken with Jack Layton, or Stephan Dion. All this shows is that “Christian Conservative” and Jack Layton are decent men.
    People do not have to agree politically to be kind and decent to one another.
    Ronald Reagan, my opinion the greatest President in the 20th century, was known to disarm
    his political opponents with his gentle kindness. Reagan and Tip O’Neill were friends after 5:00
    Some 10 years ago I made the trek to plains Georgia with my Wife and three young kids in tow. We toured Plains and had the oportunity to meet former president Jimmy Carter. President Carter was in my opinion, aside from Camp David, a disaster as President, but there is no doubting his sencerity and strong committed post Presidency of Christan service. If any of you wish to make the trip, I strongly advise you to hear President Carter teach Sunday School.
    It is history, and President Carter is not getting any younger.

  • HLH

    Believe me…the cons don’t need the NDP to be in an unholy alliance with them…in order to obliterate the Liberals…they…the liberals… are achieving THAT all on their own…and quite nicely, thank you very much.

  • Or it could be further proof that some bloggers will pose for a picture with any politician.

  • Looks like the story is out…Christian Conservative is a plant. She is actually a lesbian Buddhist and former Marxist waffle member and the result of a cunning sex-change and deep cover infiltration plan.

    Wait until next week when they reveal Kate McMillan is actually Svend Robinson, after a not-quite-so-cunning sex change (ok, just Svend in a a dress).


    Or it could be further proof that politicians will pose for a picture with anyone….

  • Jay said, “apparently the NDP turned so many stomachs in Sask …” HUH! After 16 years no one in the NDP was very surprised that the people chose some change! The NDP were within an election victory by 5200 strategic votes in 10 constituencies …. what the hell are you talking about???

  • Jay

    Not sure if that’ll work t-guy, apparently the NDP turned so many stomachs in Sask that they’ve collectively moved to the right just to get rid of them.

  • Ti-Guy

    The convergence of interests here is simply that both Layton and Harper believe there is only value in articulating clear and consistent ideologies (one social democratic, the other…well, conservative libertarian I suppose, but the CPC continues to be a mystifying mash of incompatible interests) and then forcing voters to choose. After that, lovely compromises will be worked out in Parliament between groups of people who despise each other.

    I actually am half-way intrigued enough to see how that would work out enough, almost as much as I’m interested right now in simply putting the NDP in charge by fiat and have them run government for a while…just too see how they (and the corporations) like it. Maybe running all of Canada is just like running Saskatchewan after all.

  • Rob

    No conspiracy.

    The NDP couldn’t stomach working with the CPC enough to even think of trying to make it a coordinated effort.

    However, I do think that JL goes to bed every night dreaming about the NDP becoming the other dominant party in Canadian politics under his banner.

  • Oh no, the cat’s out of the bag….quick, NDPers hide the “I heart Harper” t-shirts!

  • It looks like a “Politicos With Facial Hair” meeting. 😉

  • LOL! I am sure that Jack didn’t even know who this guy is. In terms of a ‘conspiracy’ to hurt Liberals ….. Liberals are doing a pretty good job of hurting themselves lately. 😉

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