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So much for the right-wing blogging boycott of Earth Hour.

More evidence that these bitter ranting/raving climate change denying folks are the Flat-Earth Society members of our time; that they are massively on the wrong side of this issue – and that Canadians ignored such rantings and appeals to ignore it, and instead endorsed it:

Canada had one of the highest participation rates around the globe with over 150 cities participating. Great job Canada! Many buildings and landmarks also turned off their lights. These included the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, Toronto Eaton Centre, Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Honest Eds in Ontario; all buildings in which VanCity, BC Hydro and City of Vancouver operate; and the MacDonald Bridge, City Hall, and Parade Square in Halifax.

I can also add on a personal note that it wasn’t just those “Liberal/liberal/socialist” areas of Canada that participated in this. I was with people who were going to a wedding reception in the small town of Delhi Ontario last night around that time. Delhi is in the heart of what was once prime tobacco growing country and very rural. It too turned out the lights of its muncipal buildings and had invited people to come join and commemorate the event at the darkened community centre. You could see literally hundreds of people in there through the windows of the centre – hundred out of a small town of several thousand on a Saturday night. It was very impressive.

(H/T: Wise Law Blog)


5 comments to So much for the right-wing blogging boycott of Earth Hour.

  • kursk

    That’s right Red..we all must bow down to our ‘betters’, bien peasants such as yourself..

    I suggest that in this day and age, and this political climate, that you will find yourself lost more often than you think..

  • These people are indeed the Luddites of our age, or “Flat Earthers” if you prefer.

    Delhi is a lovely little town, by the way. I spent an afternoon there one time for some reason. I think I was lost…

  • “Increase the price of gas 25% to start in North America and peoples habits will change…”

    Whooee! How well would a party do in an election if they campaigned on a promise increase the price of gas by 25%? I agree that price increases will motivate change but even w/o any new taxes, the price of gas has increased by 25 over the past couple years. That may have had some effect but I haven’t heard about any significant drop in consumption. Maybe a 100% increase will do it but who has the suicidal intestinal fortitude to campaign on raising gas prices?

    One of the biggest source of GHG’s is buildings. Various levels of government own more buildings than any private property holders. A concerted effort by all levels of government to reduce energy waste in schools, universities, provincial legislature buildings, the Parliament buildings, 24 Sussex, Stornaway and every single office, warehouse and service facility owned or operated by every level of government would have a significant effect. Not only would government demonstrate by example, they’d actually make a measurable difference in GHG output.

    A truly “conservative” government would be making these conservation moves. Wasteful individuals only encourage a wasteful government. And vice versa.


  • Ted

    Our family of five turned the lights off, I embraced earth hour out of my respect for conservation, and my father. . My father was a conservation nut, and I sypathize with his views. Being Dutch it was based entirely on economics. Earth hour also gave me an opportunity to rimind my three teanagers the importance of energy conservation, a tough thing in this fast paced world. Regarding climate change, Scott Tribe and Al Gore may regard me as a flat earther,and thats fine if they wants to resort to that. It does not help their cause.I have read both sides, and watched Al Gores film. I am not convinced that climate change is caused by man,it may or may not. Honest debate among science is being smeared by “bias linked to funding” by BOTH SIDES, and that is sad. I see no problem with showing Al Gores film in schools as long as other views are discussed, such as this British judge has ruled.

    All that being said, i aggree with my Dutch brother who says that energy is far too cheap in North America. Energy price is a political hot potatoe, but the reality is that only price will really reduce consumption. Increase the price of gas 25% to start in North America and peoples habits will change, and that is good for the environment

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