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WordPress 2.5 released

This is a major upgrade release for WordPress, so if you see any bugs, let me know.  I also am specifically writing this to alert my Progressive Blogger members who use WordPress and who are using it on the WordPress server to consider an upgrade to see if they’ve fixed the specific feed problem that has cropped up with WordPress server-based blogs feeds only sending the title and the letter ‘A’ for a summary.


7 comments to WordPress 2.5 released

  • WordPress 2.5 looks great, but think I will hold off upgrading for a bit and let all the early adopters expose any bugs and vulnerabilities first.

  • Scott I contacted the plugin developer and he suggests this

    As a workaround you may remove “Shockwave Flash” from the list of banned
    user agents in the file.

    I tried it and works like a charm!

    He will also be releasing an updated version shortly.

  • Aha. That seems to have fixed it.

    I’m waiting to see or hear from those people who are on WordPress’s server to see if this upgrade fixed the feed problem we have had with their blogs (ie Matt Bastard, Poetry ‘n Politics, etc)

  • Disable Bad Behaviour and try again. That was the issue I found. Let me know if that works for you.

  • I’ve tried to upload a few images as they’ve shown at that one demo site, and I keep getting “HTTP” errors.

  • I’ve been testing out the beta and RC versions on a couple of blogs. I really like it. Though the new way the images are done might be dicing for those on older computers.

    I see you’re still running Bad Behaviour, oddly on my blogs it is causing an error.

  • I also upgraded to wordpress 2.5 today. Still not sure If I like the new management interface.

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