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Thursday am thoughts

– Shorter Jim Travers: Even though the Conservatives fighting with Ontario and others seems to be stupid and counter-productive, it’s really brilliant. The rest of us other then Jim just can’t see it, I guess.

– I see John Manley is now trying to play as a peace envoy here between Ontario and the Feds. I’m rather sure Flaherty and Harper won’t listen.

This might be a good sign for those of us who believe Canada trampled on Omar Khadr’s rights as a citizen – the Supreme Court Justices were giving the government lawyer a grilling on the topic, and seemed sceptical over the government’s claims.

– This is an interesting poll from Angus-Reid (with my usual caveat of it being an online one): a majority of Canadians disagree with the Afghanistan extension to 2011 by a margin of 58-42. I note a majority of Liberal voters (close to 2/3) oppose the extension.

– Breaking tree branches almost resulted in a broken thumb for me yesterday. One bounced back and left a contusion right on my thumb where it joins to the wrist. I nearly fainted a couple of times because it hurt so much. Fortunately, nothing broken.


6 comments to Thursday am thoughts

  • Rob: It was a dead tree – we weren’t picking on it.

  • Rob

    For what it’s worth, 2011 is probably a more reasonable timeframe for pulling our troops out of the region and allowing the replacement force (whoever that turn out to be) time to adjust.

     …and that’s what you get for picking on trees.  😉

  • Ted

    Dana: For the foreseeable future the 60 to 65% of Canadian voters who don’t want a Conservative government are going to have to take comfort in the purity of their non-cooperative partisanship. Its been like that for years.  Trudeau, "with the politics of division",  kissed off Alberta with the NEP, and it still is a liberal wasteland. Chretien got elected with a majority by getting under 40%, its the other sides turn to rule with the 35-40% plurality. You will have to get used it.

  • Dana

    Travers is only pointing out the reality of Harper’s politics of division. If you can drive enough wedges, you get re-elected. He’s right too.

    For the foreseeable future the 60 to 65% of Canadian voters who don’t want a Conservative government are going to have to take comfort in the purity of their non-cooperative partisanship.

    Whether there’s much left of the unified Canada we thought we loved will be another question at another time.

    But who gives a fuck?

    At least we don’t have to hock our precious principles.

  • Ted

    -Sarkozy is coming to the plate with help in Afghanistan, that should help.
    – I read the Travers article this morning, it has some truth. Toronto has always been hated by the rest of the country. My BC brother in law calls TSN, the Toronto Sports Network.  Harper is exploiting this, but that does not make it right.

  • Whooee! ScottFeller, if 2/3’s of Liberals disagree with the extension, why did 100% of the Liberal MP’s agree to it? How do those 2/3’s of Liberals feel about how their Liberal MP’s are representing their views?

    A majority of Canadians oppose the extension and thanks to Canada’s New Con-Lib Coalition Government, the will of the majority is being denied. Dozens more Canadian troops will die needlessly in a senseless and backward-moving mission. Why? So Dion and the Liberals don’t have to face the voters just yet. This crass political gamesmanship played with the lives of Canadian soldiers is beyond the pale.

    We used to have at least a semblance of democracy. Now, we have the minority who back Harper and his war running the show as if they had a majority. Scott, I know you wanna be a loyal Grit but there’s gotta be a last straw. How much more Con-collaboration are you willing to take from Dion? When do those 2/3’s of Liberals stand up and say "No more!"


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