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China, Olympics and boycotts

As we see more news stories today of China sending in more troops to try and quell Tibetans, and we also see evidence that they  are doing a preventative crackdown on other minority groups in order to stop them from joining in on the protests, I think I’ve come to a personal decision on my earlier question about whether Canada needs to do to show China we disapprove of their behaviour. I believe we now do have to send a signal.

A boycott of the Opening Ceremonies is at least one thing we can do – the European Union has talked about doing this – but if the repression gets worse, and/or we see the Chinese killing demonstrators or executing them, I think nothing less then a full-fledged boycott will suffice.


8 comments to China, Olympics and boycotts

  • Rob

    I agree……….boycotting the olympics only hurts the athletes which is not fair. Harper has already said he won’t be at the Opening because he has another engagement. The asshole didn’t attend the Opening of the International AIDS Conference. He has to get his priorities set straight.

  • Observer

    Would boycotting China’s Olympics for Tibet be like the US government’s 1980 boycott of the Soviet Union’s olympics because the Soviets fought the Taliban?

  • If Britain and the US were oppressing an ethnic people whose nation they had forcibly annexed, I’d be denouncing them just as loudly.

  • Danielle Rush

    Would you boycott the Olympics if it was being held in the U.S. or Great Britain?

  • Tom

    About boycotting the Olympic Games, i’m not sure it will do any good…On the contrary it will upset the Chinese People who will only understand what the Party will tell to understand… We’d better go as the OG are a great means to directly communicate with the Chinese People without the communist filter.

  • Brian

    Boycotting the Olympics is not the answer, it’s only symbolic and will get no results from a government like that.   With their control of information within their borders they will spin it to their advantage.  If you want results, rather than boycotting the Olympics in China, get people to boycott "Made in China" instead.  

  • I’ve already decided I’m going to boycott the olympics, and I always watch the olympics. 

  • I don’t see Canada boycotting any portion of the Beijing Olympics as Vancouver will be hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics.  Canadians and other people around the world can boycott the sponsors.

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