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An example of why Barack Obama inspires

Listen to this speech of Obama’s this AM on race and politics (which he apparently wrote himself).

Judging by the amount of commentary out there, there are many out there (who aren’t Obama loyalists) ranking this speech up there with some of the best.


9 comments to An example of why Barack Obama inspires

  • Timothy Webster

    The problems he talks about are not actually restricted to black people alone. The lack of accessto qualityeduacationeffects
    everyone.Poorpeopleregardless theirabilities,shouldnotbe
    problem it is social problem.

    For the benefit of the people and the nation everyone shouldhaveanopportunityattendthebestschoolsintheir
    including; restictive school districts, lack of transit, lack ofcompetative access to quality schools. Poor people are furtherrestricted from quality professional education. Again for the benefit of the people and the nation, governments should provide free University and professional education in fields of demand in return for working a set number of years in the country such as 3yrs for undergrad, 5yrs for Masters andPhd, to all who desire it.

    not only hurt the poor, the hurt the nation as whole.

  • I was really impressed by his eloquence, his courage to use an issue that others would have dodged as a springboard to take racism on head-on, and his faith that his audience would follow his logic. He is a rare breed indeed. We need someone like him north of the border, too.

  • Actually, ID over at her blog disputes your characterization of her stance, and I do as well.

  • mushroom


    I don’t know how you get this from reading Obama? Idealistic Pragmatist was equally critical of Obama’s religious exceptionalism and the lack of authenticity in relation towards social change.

  • janfromthebruce

    He elaquently interweaves race, class and gender as a web of oppression. He lets know who are the few "special interests" and suggests he does not represent those who control the power and money. He sees those intersections where we have commonality. He is talking about structural systemic oppression requiring both social and economic justice – equality.
    He also sounds like he really means it – taking on both local and global economics that work to divide those we commonality with. Each reader should ask what party policies and past actions actually are a "fit" here. Thus who do they really represent.

    To get this – why was campaign 2000 not successful in Canada? Why those with the least always have to wait, and their turn just never comes. It tells you who really represents – no matter the eloquence and smooth words.

    He was inspiring!

  • mushroom

    Kate’s congregation does not want to make any alliances with Andrew Sullivan and Charles Murray? This is surprising.

    What type of cultural conservatives are these pieces of s___ anyway?

  • Lord Kitchener's Own

    Don’t go over to SDA. Kate’s congregation was not impressed.

    I made the mistake of wanting to see her crowd’s reaction, and now I need a shower. And to brush my teeth (I threw up a little in my mouth).

  • mushroom

    One word: authenticity.

    Barack has it. He opens himself to the voters, unlike most politicians. It is obvious he has thought about this issue throughout his life. Note that he refused to be handled byhis advisors, deciding to address the issue head on. Will it win Penn for him. Don’t know, but heis campaigning on his own accord.

    If Stephane Dion is like Obama, we would be laughing. He can be, but perhaps he’s not there yet.

  • Ted

    I saw the speech live, and was very impressed. I still have questions, but you cannot deny the man has amazing eloquence.

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