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Stalemate: Poll (Decima).

It must be polling release day or something. Strategic Council released another poll this AM which shows a still sizable Conservative lead – one that as Christine pointed out, caused even CTV to issue a disclaimer that SC’s poll have been showing higher Conservative support then other polling companies.

As if to verify that, Decima releases a poll on the same day that shows a virtual tie “with little sign of momentum”:

The latest Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey had support for both the major federal parties flatlining at 32 per cent. The NDP was at 17 per cent, the Bloc Quebecois nine and the Green party was at eight. The telephone survey was conducted March 13 to 16, concluding the day before Monday’s four federal byelections.

The bad piece of news in this poll for the Cons. however – support is falling in Ontario and Quebec. The news-release is brief, so one can’t see the kind of drop the Decima president is talking about, but that isn’t good news for the Conservative party in wanting to get a majority, or retain power.

So, Mr Flaherty and Mr. Harper, by all means, keep bashing and crapping all over Ontario.

[email protected]:22pm: Steve V has the specific regional polling at his site, which shows substantial leads for the Grits in both Ontario and Quebec over the Cons.


4 comments to Stalemate: Poll (Decima).

  • I saw it this afternoon.  What a coincidence.  I thought it might take a few days but no….hours…just hours.

  • Ted

    I think the By-Election results speak louder then any poll

  • Duffy was pumping the SC numbers yesterday, that showed only 1/3 of Canadians had said Cadman changed their opinion of Harper.  What I found curious, this quote from SC:

    "The pollsters said the Liberals should not give up on the Cadman issue, as there may be some underlying weakness to exploit."
    If I was asked that question, I would answer NO too, it hasn’t changed my opinion of him 😉

    Anderson from Decima, said he thought Cadman had cost the Cons "a couple points".  Keep digging!

  • janfromthebruce

    Sweet! Thanks Scott

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