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Warren Kinsella endorses Obama’s audacity of hope.

His reasoning for wanting him to win isn’t really that far from mine:

Two years ago, we would see the oval “W” on the bumper of virtually every SUV; anti-war sentiment was there, but not so visible. Now the only political name you hear about is Obama’s – and many, many average people want the war to be over. They say so. They know what it has done to their economy and their nation’s spirit….this is a country that desperately needs hope. And this is the only the guy I can see who is offering it.

Obama isn’t just running for President. He’s a literal and figurative political movement. That’s not to say he has no substance, as many of the Clinton people charge and I don’t doubt many Republicans will say. If you were to go to his website, you’d see plenty of policy stances that is downloadable.  But, the country to the south of us needs to be reinvigorated. Obama will do that. The others can’t or won’t.


7 comments to Warren Kinsella endorses Obama’s audacity of hope.

  • Ted

    Update, Obama has said he would have quit if he knew Wright had made those statements!?

    Why did he not quite when Wright gave Farrakhan a lifetime achievment award?
    If I went to a church that gave David Duke a lifetime acievement award, quiting would be a no brainer.
    He is running for President, not State Senate. It is a question of judgement.

  • Ted

    Obama choose this minister as his Pastor for 20 years, He married him, Baptised his children, attended and supported his church. He calls him his "spiritual advisor". Obama gave him $22,000.00 last year. Consulted him before deciding to run. This is not just someone "who endorsed him".  There is a quantatative difference here, you are known by the company you keep.This calls into question Obama’s lack of judgement.

  • Steve V:

    Exactly. (Nice to see you know how to use the italics on here 🙂 )

  • You can play this game with all the candidates.  Candidates should not be held responsible for the views of others, the opinion of supports.  McCain isn’t anti-Catholic because a preacher who endorsed him is, Clinton isn’t saying Obama is where he is because he’s black because Ferraro said, and Obama isn’t responsible for the opinions of this minister.  Nobody is clean in this game of gotcha by extension, which speaks to how trivial it really is.

  • Everyone makes mistakes Slg – no one is perfect. 

    Did the minister preach this line he said for 20 years?  Doubtful. Besides, Obama has shown he can speak and think for himself.  If you’re worried about that so-called influence with Obama, you should be doubly worried with McCain – he has 2 spiritual advisers who preach absolute hate and are extremists.

  • slg

    The political movement is what exactly?  Hero/celebrity worship?  I hope to win the lottery – it never happens.

    When you put someone on too much of a pedestal you generally get disappointed.

    I have problems with Obama’s judgment.  He riding that to death about Iraq and yet his judgment has failed him in other areas.  I know, he was a teen, but it is about judgment – taking drugs.  The Rezko – Obama said he was boneheaded – that’s no excuse.  Obama is a lawyer and showed poor judgment.  He went to a church for 20 years who had a minister that preached political evil.  He doesn’t agree with his mentor?  Ah, there are other churches so why stay and listen to the garbage.  Obama could be quite influened by this guy – he would have been in the 20’s when he started going to Rev. Wright’s church – judgment? 

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