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A funny thing seen on the Liblogs aggregate..

A blogpost endorsing Chris Tindal, Green Party candidate running in Toronto-Centre against Bob Rae, with his great big green banner spread across the background of the Liberal red on the site. The post is courtesy of (who else) the Wingnuterer.

Not trying to cause Phillip any trouble – it was just rather amusing to see a Green Party endorsement on the Liberal bloggers site.


3 comments to A funny thing seen on the Liblogs aggregate..

  • I admit it, sometimes I am really an asshole, but you have to admit, it was funny!

    I’m actual shocked that people from Liblogs haven’t been calling for fury little ass to be strung up at the nearest flag pole, LOL

  • When Rae wins, it will be purely a testament to name recognition, and nothing more. If George Bush was running there, he’d get 10% of the votes.

  • DM

    I’m a life-long Liberal and if I lived in TCR, I would either stay home or vote for Tindal. I could never mark a ballot for Rae, regardless of what party he is running for.

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