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Classless Cons.

MP Garth Turner had a book launch Wednesday about the future of real estate. He invited every MP to attend it – every one of them. He had good representation from all political parties – all but the Conservatives. That in itself isn’t a surprise; I’m sure there are many in that caucus who have hard feelings over his joining the Liberals after being ditched by them for being too candid for Harper’s control-freak atmosphere.

What is truly revealing about them and what shows what little class most of them have is the following excerpt from Garth’s piece:

Last Sunday my wife spent the day stuffing invitations for the book launch…into envelopes..and then hand-addressing them for each member of Parliament. At the event, an overwhelming number of my colleagues showed up, bought books and hounded me to sign them. Senators arrived, as did staff members from the Library of Parliament, the whip’s office, the House leader’s office and senators’ offices. NDP caucus members came, along with some from the Bloc Quebecois. Stephane Dion came, and media. As for the Conservatives, one lonely member walked in.. But that does not mean I didn’t hear from other Tories. During question period a number of them opened my wife’s invitations, scrawled messages of personal derision upon them, and then ordered young pages in the House to carry the envelopes back and put them before me on my desk. Sadly, this defines a large swath of Mr. Harper’s caucus. They are graceless, small people.

Garth is probably being too kind in his description of them. Jeff Davidson at his blog isn’t quite as diplomatic. The attitude of a Party in Parliament extends from the leader on down, and you can see what’s oozed from Mr. Harper down through to his sorry lot.

If I were Garth, maybe I’d take those scribblings they wrote, and on a point of order after Question Period , read into the public record what every single one of them had to say, so their constituents know what classless individuals they really are – certainly not very “honourable” Members of Parliament.


11 comments to Classless Cons.

  • Ted

    I think Garth is getting some poetic justice. Having said that it does not make it right.

  • Deb Prothero

    Hear, hear…love your suggestion for a point of order! Sure the Cons will respond with a law suit but at this point it could be considered a badge of honour. In fact, at the pace the bullies are launching law suits, it could be considered a failing if a Liberal doesn’t have a suit – means you haven’t dug deep enough.

  • badawg

    Would not be the first time Turner expanded the truth just enough to make people dislike the other party.

  • M. Harris

    Scott, I couldnt agree with you more. I think we should call an election. Once the people of Canada realize what a bunch of jerks those CONS are and vote in the Liberals then we will be all better off. Then once the liberals are in they can call on the RCMP to investigate all those nasty CONS and once they get there investigation done then call a public inquiry into the whole affair. Then once the inquiry is over they will find that the conservative party should be deemed illegal and that way the liberals will never have to worry about any kind of opposition again. I’m also sure that they will determine that all the cons were abused as children and that through no fault of there own they are not responsible for there actions. Then the goverment can pass a motion that they receive free counciling courtesy of the taxpayers because that is the way everyone is this country is coddled.
    REALLY…ok I am not calling this guy a liar but i really hope he has the balls to put some of these comments on his website. PROVE IT…what ever happened to innocent till proven guilty. What should be happening is that every time the spineless Liberals abstain from a vote or sit out and NOT DO THIER  JOBS…they are ripping off the people who elected them to represent them. I think that everytime a elected MP crosses the floor he should have to be re-elected in his riding and yes that goes for any one from any party. If that is what this is all about then shame on all of them!!

  • ian

    Maybe the Tories are too busy voting on motions and bills, you know the kind of stuff that MPs are actually supposed to be doing!

  • Douchebaggery? From Harper’s cronies?

    At this point, isn’t that a bit of a "flea bites dog" story?

  • Jason

    "I have no reason to doubt him, Jason. Do you – other then you’re a Con supporter?"

    Have you ever read his blog?

    He’s a little heavy on the dramatic editing.

  • Angelle Desrochers

    I am sure they Cons have their laywers ready with papers ready for lawsuits (fill in the blank) with the names of Liberal’s and others so that they maintain their 5 stars rating as bullies.
    I wonder if what was written in those cards is priviliges as is what or is only what is verbal and submitted in writting?
    The Harper Boys and their leader who gives with one hand and takes away with the other are not going away any time soon, so nor is anyone else, so I am prepared to be patient and wait so that when we get to vote we can make sure that they are not elected to form the goverment.
    They can lobby, spin, bring checks to offer us incentive to vote for them, bully us, threaten us, sue us, and what ever else they can think up, but it will not work in the long run for they are not only amatuers in thier approach to do anything to win at all cost. It is never acceptable to mess with a family who is dealing with a member who is gravely ill and dying.
    Politics is a blood sport, but those who know the rules backwards and have a clear understanding of history are the one who are the true leaders who can capture and create the changes needed to bring this country back to moving forward.

  • I have no reason to doubt him, Jason. Do you – other then you’re a Con supporter?

    Also, not liking him doesn’t give them the justification of acting like school children. I realize they do so in the House anyhow, but writing insults on an invite and personally sending them back? What moronic behaviour.

  • Jason

    First of all you have to believe that Garth isn’t embellishing the story. You also need to take into account that Garth insults the Tories everyday in his blog as well as during the rare occasion where he asks a question in QP. Why exactly do you expect the Tories to be nice to him?

  • Just as well, scan each one and post them on his website!

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