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Trying to hide what everyone knows.

So a report comes out that was taxpayer funded in the US which shows no link between Al-Queada, and Saddam Husseins Iraq. Big deal, right? Everyone has known that now for several years. Except that it apparently IS a big deal to the Bush administration who considers it such an embarrassment that they’re trying to prevent people from looking at the document by trying to make it difficult to obtain it.

Problem is, it’s still pretty easy to get if someone really wants to see this. The bigger story isn’t the conclusions of this report, but the fact Bushco. and the Pentagon are still unable to accept that their war was a mistake and going after the wrong target. Or, perhaps the Iraq war wasn’t a mistake, and they went there already knowing Al Queada and Iraq had nothing to do with each other.

Regardless, we can see how much of a mentor Bushco. is for Harper and his bunch, because they’ve tried to do the exact same thing (ie. not revealing the halting of detainees transfers even as they claimed the opposition parties were basically committing treason for calling for a halt to it). Bush however has less then 12 months in office before his secretive reactionary paranoid regime comes to an end. It’s yet to be determined when the Canadian carbon-copy gets thrown out.


4 comments to Trying to hide what everyone knows.

  • I’m not so sure that their insistence of a name and mailing address is so much about making it difficult to obtain as it is a flawed attempt at tracking who is getting it.

    This will last until one activist get a copy and posts it on the web, then we’ll all have it.

  • I love Conservative revisionism Ted (or excuses). You’ve just done a perfect example of it.

  • Ted

    The mistake Bush made was linking WMD and Al-Queada to Hussein.  He should have just said that the guy is a thug, he has violated the UN in every way  , and the world will be better off with him gone. If Bush had kept the security in place used a few more troops, most of us would be praising him today. Its all 20-20.

  • With less than a year left to go, I fear we live in a world that is so sick of the Bush administration we will simply let them slide just to get rid of them. They already know their agenda is over and all they can do is coast, while they live with a fairly certain sense that no matter how bad they did, they got away with it.

    It will take the world decades to mop up the mess they made as they go off and live their dreams and promote themselves as elder statesmen.

    Something has to change and I’m not confident with the current state of affairs.

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