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Habits and Quirks

There’s a “quirk” meme going on around some of the blogosphere, which asks you to list 6 quirks/habits/non-important facts about yourself. I see Dr. Dawg has decided to inflict this meme on me, so I’ll play along.

1) I’m left-handed.
2) I curl, and I enjoy watching it on TV
3) I’m an avid birdwatcher
4) I have a fascination with hurricanes and with tracking them
5) My favourite season is winter (which means I’ve enjoyed this winter immensely)
6) I don’t drive a vehicle and never have had my licence.

So now, I’m supposed to send this to 6 other people to ask them to do this. I’ll start out with some of the rest of my Prog Blog moderators – Saskboy Paladiea, Kyle, Catnip, NBCDipper, and finish it with James Bow. Hopefully they haven’t already all done this thing. If they have, I’ll have to do replacements for the ones who’ve done them.

UPDATE: Drat, Saskboy has done this already. I’ll add the poll-loving Steve V over at Far and Wide instead.
UPDATE 2: James Bow has done it as well. So, I’ll try Danielle over at Galloping Around The Golden Horseshoe


7 comments to Habits and Quirks

  • Moebius

    Sinister lefty-bastard!

  • Holy crap, you’re a lefty? There’s "news" today saying most of the last Presidents, and McCain and Obama are lefties.

  • Hey, Raphael, I’m not that dissimilar. I didn’t get a driver’s license until I was 23, and that was four years after I moved away from Toronto. Because I lived in downtown Toronto, I didn’t see the need to drive, so I never took a lesson. The subway and the streetcars were the better way to go.

    And, frankly, if I’m lucky enough to move back into the Greater Toronto Area, I’d probably sell the car. I’m quite happy taking public transit, and it’s a substantial savings. We were living a lot more comfortably here in Kitchener-Waterloo without paying $1000 per month on maintaining an automobile, even with our significantly poor public transit service. When my second child reaches kindergarten age, I think I _will_ be selling the car to get rid of the expense. And, by that time, K-W might have its LRT.

    My waiting until I was 23 to get a license is nothing, by the way. My mother lived in downtown Ottawa until she went to University and then moved to downtown Toronto and lived there until she moved to Kitchener-Waterloo. She didn’t learn to drive or get a license either. Not until she was 48, in fact. Indeed, my mother and I ended up taking the Young Drivers of Canada course together. How weird is that/

  • Re: 6. Wow. I mean, I get it if you live in the city. But still. Driving is like sex and beer. You usually can’t wait to try all three when you’re growing up.

  • I already did my meme here. There’s a book meme at that post that you’re welcome to do.

  • Rob

    Don’t hear too many people claiming they’ve enjoyed this winter… good on you.

    I love the snow. Shovelling it kinda sucks, but when I’m done and looking over a nicely cleared driveway with neat, high gleaming white banks on either side of it, it’s such a satisfying feeling.

  • Done it, haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

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