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Ontario Young Liberals: Time to work together and listen to one another.

The Annual General Meeting of the Ontario Young Liberals took place this weekend in Hamilton in the midst of one of the bigger snowstorms in recent memory – but I understand most if not all delegates got there – a credit to their commitment to politics and this meeting. As some of you who read here know, elections were also taking place to fill different OYL positions, and the elections have been contested by 2 different slates – OYL Beyond and OYL Roots. The former preached that the status quo was just fine, while the latter (who I supported) believed change was needed in how the OYL was run. It’s apparent from people who were there that the election was fiercely contested. In the end, the OYL Roots team did very well in winning a decisive 11 of 16 positions, but the OYL Beyond team did retain the presidency and the VP slot.

This sets up a very interesting Executive of the OYL. The incumbent president, Jacob Mksyartinian, faces a majority of an executive that is there because they disagreed with how the OYL has previously been run, and a lot of OYL members obviously agreed with their position by electing them. There are some who have given the opinion that as president, Jacob controls the agenda and that he may not necessarily want to listen to that message. I am hopeful though that he will have taken a cue from the elections that a lot of OYL members have serious concerns, that the OYL Roots success at the AGM displays that, and he will attempt to work with them and address those concerns. Likewise, I think the OYL Roots members who were elected need to give their President a chance to see if he’ll address those concerns.

I said before this election that regardless of its outcome, the OYL team was going to have to unite after this and find a way to work together. I understand that the meeting was at times a rather raucous meeting. Its to be hoped they will now channel all of this and use it against the real enemy – which are the Conservatives.

UPDATE: I should also mention I was pleased to hear that the proposed constitutional amendment to force the OYL Executive to meet at least 40 days before the next AGM to ratify new clubs was passed. That should hopefully put an end to anyone on the OYL Executive trying to manipulate the process by refusing to ratify clubs they feel aren’t supporters of their position(s), which is something I have mentioned previously. If those delegates had been allowed to go, who knows what the results would have been.


1 comment to Ontario Young Liberals: Time to work together and listen to one another.

  • Matt Arnold

    It was a pretty intense weekend.

    As for Jacob, if he decides to not pay any attention at all to the Roots team, and tries to govern like he has a "majority", then the roots side has the 2/3 needed to impeach him if they really wanted to. Let’s hope that he pays attention, or else it’s not going to be crazier next year.

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