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There are more latte liberals in Wyoming then limousine liberals apparently.

“Latte liberals” is the term many Clinton supporters use to deride Barack Obama’s supporters as being – rather ironic considering California and New York that Clinton won are probably “latte states”. Many of the Clinton supporters in turn get called “limousine liberals”, because Clinton is seen as the candidate that the establishment Democrats support, as well as by the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), who has many of those same establishment Democrats in its group, trying to claim it’s centrist and mainstream (I’d argue their main claim to fame is to try and convince Democrats that they have to follow the Republican line on the War on Terror or else get attacked as being weak on terror, but thats a different blogpost).

Nevertheless, I guess there are more latte-sipping liberals sitting in boutiques in Wyoming then there are limousine liberals, because Barack Obama snapped Clinton’s mini-2 state winning streak with a solid win in Wyoming today (actually, it’s technically a 1 state winning streak, since after the Texas caucus results, he ended up with more delegates from Texas then Clinton did – but don’t tell her supporters that). To be honest, I didn’t know there were ANY liberals in Wyoming, so I think these petty insults of Clinton’s campaign is just more of her “insult 40 states strategy” that she’s employed (or more specifically, only winning big states matter). Markos Moulitsias at Daily Kos takes exception to this derogatory terminology as well as the strategy behind it, and explains this is partially why he supports Obama:

..he respects the entire country, not just a select few “pre-approved” and “sanctioned” Clinton states. An assertion proven by the last SUSA poll, which proved not just a clearer path to the White House for Obama, but showed that he runs tighter even in states he loses. That matters at the presidential level, forcing Republicans to spend meagre resources defending supposedly safe territory.. We have more at stake this fall than the presidency, and we have a candidate that is running nationwide and showing proper deference and respect for our great United States of America, and we have another that has given the middle finger to much of the country. That’s why I’ve become an enthusiastic Obama supporter after being detached for most of this race. Because I’m looking to the candidate who is building a national party, not the one that continues to disrespect most of it.

Personally, over and above the 2 candidates strengths and weaknesses I think the Obama strategy of expanding the playing field and competing in as many states as possible is a lot better then the Clinton strategy of focusing on only swing states and hoping things turn your way – and I think the implication to these states that their votes really don’t matter is just plain silly on Clinton’s part. If she somehow did turn it around and became the nominee, she’s instantly turned off half the country with her disparaging remarks. That makes her more of the “fringe candidate” then Obama is (which is a description of Obama I unbelievably saw at one Liberal blog today who was wan obvious Clinton supporter). Newsflash: being a candidate that the Democratic Party’s grassroots/netroots supports doesn’t make you fringe.

By the way and for the record, I’m an Obama supporter, but I hate latte. I prefer good old fashioned tea, though I’ll admit I like herbal tea better, and the occasional Thai chai tea is good too – with whipped cream and a sprinkling of chocolate on top. So, maybe that makes me part of the latte crowd too, I don’t know.


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  • Ted

    Limosine Liberals in the US are liberals like the Kennedy’s. Rich, leftists who send their kids to private school, while deride the voucher system that gives lower income parents a chance to to send their kids to a Private or Catholic school. They think Government knows best for those with less means. Kinsella nailed it in the last election, Harper got the Tim Hortons vote, while Martin got the Starbucks vote. Martin is a latte Liberal. Harper is a Tim Hortons Conservative.

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  • Was my comment deleted or did an error occur?

  • Ti-Guy

    You like chai lattes?  Those are the ne plus utra of latte liberalism.

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