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Rapid-fire blogging Post 1: Is Paul Martin sending in advice to the Liberal braintrust?

There’s so much going on today that I feel it’s an injustice to lump everything on my mind into 1 big summary.. so some rapid-fire blogging today on multiple issues.

First point: Does Paul Martin still have some fans in the Liberal braintrust that thinks he was dreadfully mistreated while in government? I see no other reason as to why this foolish motion is being allowed to be brought forth, which is basically blaming the NDP and BQ for voting the Martin government down – and thus it must be their fault for all the bad policies the Conservatives have brought us since they were elected.

We’re getting slammed all over the progressive blogosphere for this, and I can’t say I blame them (and I’m not linking to them all because I’d have a full page of links.) In fact, I’m joining in the slamming. After all the punting we’ve done on the Budget and other things that gave the Liberals ample opportunity to bring this government down (and we still have ample opportunity now) , this is one of the more ridiculous attempts at partisan motions I’ve ever seen (and it FAILS miserably).

I know we saw a bit of this during the interim leadership under Bill Graham when Liberals were feeling sorry for themselves (remember QP when Liberals would stand up to question the government and preface it by saying something to the effect of “which the NDP helped put in power”?) but I thought Dion had put an end to this petty childishness. Apparently not.

I have to ask: Which MP(‘s) or adviser in Dion’s office is responsible for this motion?


4 comments to Rapid-fire blogging Post 1: Is Paul Martin sending in advice to the Liberal braintrust?

  • MOS:

    "Brilliant" is a bit overstating him… with all due respect to Paul Martin.

  • wilson

    What happens if Cons, Dippers and Bloc abstain?
    Can Libs abstain from their own confidence motion?
    If they wanted to play this childish game,
    Cons could make a spectacle of one Conservative name being draw out of a hat to vote with the Libs,  while NDP and Bloc abstain.

  • wilson

    So what happens if the Conservatives help pass the motion?
    Do we go into an election?
    Or will the magnificent Lib 7 show up for the vote, to make sure it doesn’t pass?

  • Mound of Sound

    Yes Scott, Paul Martin still has a lot of respect within Liberal ranks and for several good reasons.  Compared to what we have now, PMPM was positively brilliant.

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