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Semi-Open Chuck Cadman Thread: Check out CPAC at 8pm

Very quickly, via Kady O’Malley’s blog at Macleans, she says she’ll be on Goldhawk Live at 8p – 9pm Eastern Time, along with Chuck Cadman’s daughter Jodi, Canadian Press reporter Bruce Cheadle and Tom Zytaruk, the author of the book which caused all the furor.

The live feed for that is here, so if anyone wants to do sorta live-blogging, go ahead (You can also call into the show).

[email protected]:06PM: My initial reaction: Both Jodi Cadman and the author of the book sound very credible. A few of the Conservative sock-puppets called in and were throwing out every Conservative talking point heard in the media and on the blogs (sorta reminded me of “Wilson”, our most common Progressive/Liberal comment troller who spews CPC spin where ever she goes) trying to rip on either the Cadman’s family credibility or the book author’s credibility (“he’s making a buck off of this book!!!”… of course he is, authors have to eat too, you know), or question the sanity of Cadman.

Kady ripped a couple of them apart in post comment reaction to those who said that though.. I applauded.

UPDATE [email protected]:47pm: With regards to the observation my first commenter Joseph made, Kady O’Malley confirms to me she was indeed under the weather (and still is).


11 comments to Semi-Open Chuck Cadman Thread: Check out CPAC at 8pm

  • Yes, Slg, good point.

    If there had been glaring inconsistencies in the three indivduals’ stories, they would have been so much more credible. And then you would have been able to pop in and comment that the inconsistencies in their statements really suggest that this thing is for real. Right?

  • slg

    I think Bruce was a little conservative leaning if you ask me.  Anyway, no one asked what Harper/Finlay/Flanigan, etc. had to lose if they admitted to bribery.  Really, anyone think they would admit to it – so their word isn’t sufficient for me.

    I remember Van Loan saying that the 3 involved told the "exact" same story – to me that means they got together and rehearsed the talking points and story.  No 2 people tell a story exactly the same.

  • Well.. I can say I’ve met Kady in person -twice – and if anything, she’s more libertarian sympathetic then anything else in my view.  Why wouldn’t she be rolling her eyes at some of those folks that called in… it was basically the audio version of what I’ve seen on some Blogging Tory sites – or worse, Conservative government talking points.

  • rufous

    I’ve never found Kady to be partisan – she’s one of the first to take a shot at whoever tries to slip one past from whatever party.  She’s always refreshingly candid about everything and everyone.  I think she simply believes that this thing is what it seems to be.

    Raphael Alexander:
    "One idiot read off a sheet of paper."

    Yes, and Goldhawk shut him down without hesitation.  Good job!

  • PK, sorry, I don’t take facial expressions into account in politics. I was listening to her words, and her words were saying what a lot of people are wondering: what motive is there from the Cadman family to say that there was a bribe made? Not only an inducement, but unequivocally a "bribe"? I think Ms.O’Malley is guilty of healthy skepticism. Her alleged partisan affiliation is really immaterial here.

  • Angelle Desrochers

    Interesting to watch, but I am looking forward to seeing what Michael Fortier, will have to say on the popular French show, Tout le monde en parle which air tonight beginning at 7pm Pacific…the promo states that is the first conservative to show up.  …. for those who can understand french this might be worth watching.
    I can believe Mrs. Cadman and her family and I am more than disgusted in how much of a "moral deficit" the PM and his boys have. Their arrogance is only surpased by thier being amateurs.

  • Prairie Kid

    All you had to do is watch her facial expressions every time a caller said something negative about the Liberals. Her brow would furrow and she rolled her eyes.What am I to make of that except to say that she is not a fan of Steven Harper or the PC;s.

  • I live blogged this as well, if anyone wants to read it.

    Kady O’Malley a Liberal? And I guess, what, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were communists?

    Scott, a "few" Conservatives? I counted maybe three people who weren’t. One idiot read off a sheet of paper.

  • Prairie Kid

    I just watched the show and I would like to know why Kady wasn’t wearing Liberal red? Could she have made her political leanings any more obvious?Goldhawk and Bruce were very professional in their questions and answers. Yet Kady felt the need to take every opportunity to kick the PC’s.

  • Joseph Angolano

    Kady sounds like she has a cold.

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