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Next Conservative claim: The Whole Cadman family are liars!

Guess what? Now we have Cadman’s son-in-law saying he was also told by Cadman about the life insurance overture by the Conservatives to Cadman in exchange for his vote:

Well it’s not really what I think, it’s pretty much what I know. I could speculate about a whole bunch of things but I’m not going to do that but I can tell you that according to Chuck when he did get back from Ottawa he did specifically tell me this offer was made.” That is Holland Miller, Cadman’s son-in-law who says the offer specifically was for a life insurance policy, even though Cadman was seriously sick with cancer.Yes, that’s exactly what he told me….he said a million dollar life insurance policy. Now I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense to what people are saying but that’s exactly what he had said.”

I can just hear it now over at Blogging Tory land: “It’s a Cadman family conspiracy!”

(H/T to Kady O’Malley, who has been right on the blogging ball following this story)


11 comments to Next Conservative claim: The Whole Cadman family are liars!

  • Ted, did anyone think Cadman would run in an election? He was dying. Why would they offer help with election expenses to someone who is obviously not ging t run in any upcoming election? Harper said "financial issues." He didn’t say "election expenses". At first, Harper denied even knowing Finley and Flanagan approached Cadman. A tape surfaces and now it goes something like "Oh yeah, but we didn’t try to bribe him. Well… we tried but we obviously didn’t get anywhere."

    I will sell any terminally ill person an insurance policy for $1 million. The premium on the policy is $1.1 million. If the CPC wants to pay the premium, fine with me.

    My big question, since my MP is Mrs. Doug Finley (Diane Finley, Minister of Immigration and Citizenship), is whether the PM will try to shift the blame to his loyal bagmen. Flanagan has a somewhat high profile. He’d be harder to blame than the Rovian Finley. Somebody’s gonna take the blame and it sure as hell won’t be King Steve.


  • Ted

    Kinsella has likened it to the Grewal affair, which went nowhere.
    Personally, I think some offer was made to help him out financially should he there be an election. What? I do not know. Insurance? A bit bizzare, probably election related. I do not think this is a big deal because the man was dying, and Canadians will see this as the Party trying to help out a dying man. It wont be a huge scandal like Watergate or Sponsorship. More like Grewal or Shawinigate.
    Having said that, the PM should have said that the party did talk to him if there were financial issues he needed regarding an election that they could help address. That way he could vote what he felt was best for the country and not worry if about the financial implications to his family.

  • Gayle

    I will say here what I have said elsewhere. This case probably cannot be proven, because even if the statements he made to his family are admissible, they are apparently contradicted by the statements he made to the media. It would be just as wrong for the RCMP to lay charges for political reasons as it would for them not to do so.

  • slg

    I saw an interesting thought on another site – be interesting to see who’d be willing to take a lie detector test.

    …would be interesting wouldn’t it?

    This is a test for Elliot, RCMP – a true conservative.  Is he a true non-partisan when it comes to investigating the conservatives?

    Latest rant from the CPC trolls is that they’re attacking the writer for trying to make money – ah, ya, people write books for free and give them away.  Harper planning to profit from his so-called hockey book?

    What’s that saying?  Oh ya, if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck chances are it’s a duck….

  • Joseph Angolano

    I’ve seen this reaction that the Conservatives are giving to this once before.

    "Certain elements will try to make this event into something that it is not".
    – White House Press Secretary Ron Ziegler, 1973, reacting to a burglary attempt in some Washington hotel called the Watergate.

  • Dr. Johnson


    Liberal sources are disclosing that there were additional elements to the Cadman bribe!

    In addition to offering a patient in the final stages of terminal cancer a one million dollar insurance policy, Harper is reported to have offered Cadman a unicorn, and a magical forest in which to ride his new beast.

    Although experts unanimously agree that unicorns, magical forests, and million dollar insurance policies for terminal cancer patients, don’t actually exist, Liberal insiders are firm with their allegations.

    Said one source close to Dion:

    "Look, if Harper can manage to hold onto power for over two years, pass three budgets, a crime bill and maintain his Afghan position, with three left leaning parties holding more seats than the CPC, he can certainly produce unicorns, and insurance policies for dying patients."

    Meanwhile, the Globe and Mail is sending its crack team to investigate the obviously legitimate concerns of Conservative  unicorn production.  Stay tuned.

  • Of course nothing is ever as bad as the opposition make it sound [Tribe et al], but this story has caught my attention. I’ve read as much as I can about the affair, and my conclusion is that it looks pretty bad for the Conservatives right now. I don’t think the low-lying Liberals will be able to generate much momentum over it, but it may get them off their hands for a few days or weeks. I feel most sorry for the Cadman family, who will no doubt be impugned by idiot partisans in the Conservative ranks.

  • Gayle

    John desperately clings to the hope that Canadians believe Cadman would be truthful to Duffy, and lie to his wife and child…

  • Hmm.. so the new Con Kool-Aid drinkers line of attack is the Cadman family is lying. That ought to go over well.

    Maybe you should check Kady O’Malley’s link I provided John… it has an interview Cadman did with John Cook of the Globe.. where he did say "offers were made"

    Nice try though.

  • john

    The Canadian press is confirming (what we in the reality based community already knew) that a one million dollar insurance policy in the circumstances would have been impossible.

    To recap:

    Cadman says no deal was made.

    Harper says no deal was made.

    The allegation was a deal which was impossible to carry out.

    We know no deal was consummated because Cadman voted against the government.

    And this context:  A deal WAS made at the very same time with Belinda Stronach, (by the Liberals) in which she was awarded a cabinet position with more money and presitge, in exchange for switching sides.

    An illogical, impossible allegation, that was never carried out,


    a deal that was certainly carried out, with the effect that the government maintained its position of power amidst the worst corruption scandal in Canadian history.

    Another brilliant move by Harper allowing this to come to the fore.  Once again, he plays chess while Dion stumbles about playing checkers.

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