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“This is not for publication?” – Cadman’s daughter backs up her mother’s story on life insurance offer

Just to follow up on my update from a couple blogpostings ago, here is what Chuck Cadman’s daughter Jodi had to say to the CBC:

Cadman’s daughter, Jodi, corroborated her mother’s story, saying her father discussed the offer with her and her mother because he couldn’t talk about it publicly. “He just said ‘I have something to tell you,’ and he told me that he was offered a life insurance policy, that my mom and myself would be taken care of,” she told CBC News in Vancouver on Thursday. “When he told me, actually I have to admit I burst into tears because the position he was put in,” she added, noting it was hard for him to turn down something that would have benefited his family.

So, I guess I’ll repeat the question that Michael Ignatieff asked Harper yesterday, and add a bit to it: Is he and the Conservative Party accusing both Cadman’s widow – a Conservative Party candidate in Chuck’s old riding – AND his daughter of lying about what their father told them?

By the way, I think the 5 most quotable words Stephen Harper gave in that interview to that reporter will be “This is not for publication?“. That question in itself by Harper to the reporter sounds guilty. Even worse for Harper, his subsequent explanation of what he knew, as Kady O’Malley points out, seems to directly contradict his reply to Dion in QP yesterday. The story is also big enough that it got mentioned on a prominent (and award-winning) US liberal investigative blog, Talking Points Memo, in which the owner of the blog, Josh Marshall, after reading Harper’s explanation called it an admission wrapped in a denial.

Big stuff – big enough to warrant bringing the government down over, if these allegations are proved true.  I also kind of wonder the same thing Josh was wondering at his site – how long will Chuck’s wife remain the Conservative Party candidate after this revelation?


6 comments to “This is not for publication?” – Cadman’s daughter backs up her mother’s story on life insurance offer

  • mike h

    If Harper had a hang nail and lied about it you liberals would want to hold an election..with no dik dion you dont stand a chance

  • Ryan

    With an issue so big – funny how Harper "[did not] know the details". One would think he would have full understanding of the details if it would bring down the Liberal government at the time. Harper then asks "This is not for publication?". Even if this policy were to be true, why would he admit to it by asking such a question AND what sort of insurance company would even look at underwriting an insurance policy for a man that would be dead within months – sounds like a good investment to me! Where can I invest in an insurance company like this? – I’d make millions. Good timing for all of this to come about too – could have happened at any time over the past few years. As I recall Cadman switched sides once or twice – I’m certain his wife would consider it too. Looks like she votes Liberal now. 😉

  • Cheryl Browne

    Tom Zytaruk just did this country a big favour! Thank a million times for saying; ‘In the book…’ and for keeping and making public the tape. As a former reporter, I applaud the credibility factor here.  As a Canadian and a Liberal – I’m doomed. Election – Stephen Dion – as if!  Even Chretien’s bastardized English was more palatable than Dion’s….groan.

  • Tim Webster

    "big enough to warrant bringing the government down over"

    This is definitely true.

    But there is also the Conservatives over spending in the federal election. There stacking the judiciary selection, willful selling out of the forestry and manufacturing industries, tax polices that have caused massive sales of Canadian corporations, over exploration of the tar sands without collecting fair royalties, MP spending scandals, active attempts to dismantle the wheat board, this is a never ending list

    It is obvious the Conservatives will not be brought down, until the leader of a certain ineffective opposition party is replaced.

  • mike h

    OH MY GOD the sky is falling the sky is falling…lets cal a 300 million dollar election over something that happened a few years ago.. dont get me wrong..Harper did something wrong but is it any worse than chretien "helping a bankrupt friend secure a loan in a hotel he had a personal stake in and then the majical reciept wrote with a crayon..come on guys..Yes what was ALLEGEDLY done should be investigated but you guys already have him guilty and hung. It shows how DESPERATE the liberals are to get back into power that they will jump on anything to get there…and people wonder why i quit voting liberal after the first chretien govt. scandal after scandal.

  • nice catch to find the big blogging cahuna actually writing about little old us…:)  Confirms the magnitude of this story and that Harper is in deep trouble.

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