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Liberal Random Thoughts: Apologies to Iggy, and more OYL Shenanigans

– I wanted to say I was kind of pleasantly surprised to see that Michael Ignatieff is one of the “hawks” inside the Liberal caucus who were urging the caucus to bring the government down. I had thought after the Afghanistan issue and his role in helping to craft a compromise on that position to the Cons. that he must be one of the doves, so my public apology to Mr. Ignatieff for thinking that, and kudos for being one of those inside that caucus who has a spine. It doesn’t say much for the rest of the caucus or “election readiness team” (which appears to be an oxymoron) if the leader is reported as preferring to go to an election, and the deputy leader feels even stronger that an election is needed, but the rest are too scared to support that call.

– More Ontario Young Liberal shenanigans that happened recently in the St. Paul’s riding. If you want the OYL Beyond supporters version of the story, you can go read this bit of fluff. If you want to read what actually happened and how they more or less had a coup-d’etat, read this detailed story by Liberal blogger Jamie Callingham, who got the scoop on how this occurred.


5 comments to Liberal Random Thoughts: Apologies to Iggy, and more OYL Shenanigans

  • Matt Arnold

    The "instant Liberals" problem is something that is hard to get rid of.  The Leadership race had a 6 month deadline for voting for delegates, and there were tons of instant Liberals – they just signed up 6 months before the vote.  Overall, I think we’re better to just try to find more ways to get regular people to join up and come out to events, and then instant members will be less of a problem.

  • Mushroom,

    remember Bob Rae was against the first extension, and not because of parliamentary games, which was the position Dion took, but because he thought the mission should be over. Also remember Dion’s position before going to Afghanistan with Ignatieff not foreign affairs critic Rae. It was indeed Ignatieff who convinced him that this extremely delicate issue is not one over which to fight an election. In the end, Stephane did the right thing. He should be commended for it.

    And Scott, the nervous nellies are not the caucus members but indeed the "election readiness team". It is funny. I have been told by some people who have seen the Liberal Party’s financial status, that the party would be able to build a warchest and be able to manage much better but they have to pay for "election readiness." I think they may soon begin asking themselves why the hell they are wasting so much money on an election they will never be ready to force.

    David Smith won 3 majorities. Maybe his ego is the nervous nelly threatening his impeccable resume. David Smith also knew that the best way to win a majority was not to have any opposition. I guess Stephen Harper is really happy David Smith’s "election readiness strategy" may cause a 4th majority after all…

  • Deb Prothero

    This problem of "instant Liberals" is happening more and more due to the training ground laid by the Martinites. I believe a constitutional amendment is needed that indicates you can only vote if you’ve been a member for more than one year. Yes, I know, the argument against it is that you lose the opportunity to sign up new members when something interesting is happening. Well, my answer is that with the new finance regulations, we need to work on a daily basis to sign up Liberals and cultivate the grass roots. These instant Libs rarely renew and almost never do any work because the relationship is not made permanent and worthwhile all the time instead of just during a race. Of course, this is a paradigm shift that’s needed from the old way of doing business under the old rules.

  • Matt Arnold

    I don’t want to bring up even more stuff since I’m not fully aware of the details, but I hear there’s coup d’etats on both sides of the coin, just to let people know that it’s not just the one side that is doing their best to steal more delegate spots.  I know in Waterloo I’ve heard of a groups of lots of "new Liberals" joining our club right before our DSM, and since our club Prez is on the Beyond slate, I don’t think they’re all joining to vote for him.

  • mushroom


    I think the Afghanistan compromise was more Rae’s idea than Ignatieff’s.  Iggy is more hawkish, but he also realizes that the Quebec wing of the Liberal  party would be more anti-war than he is.  Note Bob’s quotes in this article

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