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Hillary Clinton: Any state I’ve lost or about to lose doesn’t matter.

I think some of these polls that have suddenly come out in the past couple of days showing either a neck-and-neck race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, or even an outright lead for Obama must be close to the truth on the ground, because look at what Hillary is quoted as saying today this past friday:

Id love to carry Texas, but its usually not in the electoral calculation for the Democratic nominee. Florida and Michigan are.

Look, I prefer Barack Obama, but I’d have had no problem cheering Hillary on if she won the nomination – she still would be a definite improvement on both Dubya and McCain. However, this tendency of hers to belittle any state where she’s going to lose, is losing, or is apparently about to lose after having a big lead – what Daily Kos blogging head Markos Moultisias called the “insult 40 states strategy” – has been a big turnoff to a lot of people, and a lot of Democrats from the looks of how Clinton has fared. I think whatever adviser told her to pursue that line should be kept off any future presidential campaign.

UPDATE: Great line:

“she’s now reduced to arguing that the only states that really matter are the two that she won because nobody else was on the ballot and/or nobody else campaigned there?”

UPDATE 2: Yes, I know it’s rather ironic I’m talking about this after my previous post, but hey, that stood out like a sore thumb. I HAD to comment on it.

UPDATE 3: SUSA – one of the more accurate pollsters for the primaries, now gives Obama a 4 point lead in Texas.


6 comments to Hillary Clinton: Any state I’ve lost or about to lose doesn’t matter.

  • slg

    Obama left of Layton? Are you joking? If anyone is close to Layton’s thinking it Ralph Nader. In fact, when he was in Toronto being interviewed he couldn’t say enough good about the NDP. He also said, by the way, that he thought Al Gore would have made a great president and he indicated that he thought the Florida vote was rigged.

  • My goodness jack, I am bowled over by your eloquence and keen, fact based insight into the nuances of American politics. Brilliant sir. Do you have a blog of your own?

    I’m sure that would be a delightful read.

    Now, run along and get back to the nurses station before they find out you are on a computer again. Wouldn’t want to spend another night in the isolation ward with an extra dose of chloropromazine, now would we?

    That’s a good boy….

  • Obama is to the left of Layton? I know many NDP bloggers, and I’ve yet to encounter any that believe Obama is some waffle-type NDP socialist equivalent. He’s what I’d call a liberal/progressive Senator, but an NDP type he isn’t.

    As for why I’d vote for him, I prefer his message and his style to Hillary. It has nothing to do with gender, and it certainly has nothing to do with race.

    Now Jack, go get some sleep.. because it looks like you need some – badly.

  • jak dood ur 2 smart 4 me!!!11!… i giv up, ill vote 4 hilary now insted of hussein osama

  • Jack

    why dont u explain to us as a liberal why u like hussein obama considering that hes left of j layton and you keep on bitching about him??? what do you think the right is going to do to ur hero about the recent picture and his get out of iraq policie and let al qaida have a foot hold? so on… explain to us about his trillion dollar promises so far, considering there is no more money thanks to bush? or is it just like most white christian male who believe women are subserviant to men, and any man before a woman, then anyone before obama next ……right..or are u that stupid that u have not realize this yet….. there has been men running america since the begining, its time for a woman, and the last time I checked hussein obama is a man…..or cant u tell the differrence….u would vote for him….because he is a shade darker than most men????

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