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An interesting Canadian phenomenon of so much interest in the Democratic presidential candidates.

I find it a bit curious and yet interesting that so many Canadian-based progressive and/or Liberal bloggers are so emotionally invested into the American Democrat Primary race to be the Presidential candidate that they blog constantly on the strengths or weaknesses of their particular favourite candidate, even though Canadians have no say in the matter of who the Democrats pick for their candidate.

One such example of this would be Scott Ross, a good blogger in Alberta BC, but one who has turned his blog recently into at least once-a-day posting and video rant at the failings of one Barack Obama. Scott is aggressively going after him as well as any US Democratic blog which supports Hillary would do. The blogger over here, however, takes the opposite tact and goes after Clinton all the time (though in this case, he says he’s an American-Canadian, so his interest is at least explainable from that route).

I know it’s interesting to look at Hillary and Obama and try to guess who is more “progressive” or who would be better for Canada.. but I find it curious that there is such vehemence in attacking one candidate’s position or the other from bloggers with no direct personal interest or ability to vote for either candidate. I’m thinking that perhaps it’s because everyone on this side of the political ledger up here is so sick of Bush and his policies, that we’re looking for the best possible Democratic candidate to replace him and remove much of his stained legacy and reverse as many of his abuses as far as it is possible to do so. ( I say “replacing him” because I do believe John McCain will crash and burn in any general election to either candidate, though in my personal view, I think Obama is more of a sure thing to do that).


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  • Scott:

    …probably because you forgot to enter in the Captcha code properly… or didn’t enter in the right one.

    Apologies on the place of residence.

  • Hello,

    I attempted multiple times to leave a comment on your blog but for some reason there was an error.

    I’m actually in Kelowna BC.

    Now I have already written four long comments only to be erased, you think I would have learned to copy.

    I’m only writing about the US election to make a difference.

    It’s quite surprising how many Americans have read my blog, not to mention how many views my videos are getting. Now I’m not doing it to be sensational, I’m doing it because I think there are wrongs that are going on. I don’t blantantly advertise andI don’t go on the offensive, I only defend against the accusations against Hillary that are weak at best.

    I had done a video months ago about Fox news twisting her words.


    Scott Alexander Ross

  • Its kind of amusing, given the Democrats are as far, even not further, "right" of the Conservative Party of Canada…..

  • It’s because Democrats or Liberals have this nasty habit of eating their own. I think it’s highlighted this year in particular because of the fact that we really have two or three varying shades of gray leading Canadian federal parties and there’s a phenom occurring in the Obama campaign.

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