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Nanos: Liberals, Cons. in dead heat still.

I am pleased to see a Nanos poll out so soon after the last one he did – mainly because of all the contradictory polling results we’ve seen since then. The latest results? A dead heat between the Liberals and Conservatives, and the NDP falling quite substantially:

Federal Ballot: Liberal 34%(+1), Conservative 34%(+3), NDP 14%(-5), Bloc 10%(nc), Green 8%(nc)

At this particular point, the Liberals compromise on Afghanistan they crafted has not hurt their position from the last Nanos poll, while the NDP has surprisingly dropped during this time period. As others have said, perhaps it’s because they and their position has been marginalized by the media over this debate. Perhaps in an election, they’d get more people to pay attention to their position.

Just one addition to this, I know there are many still in the Federal Liberal caucus who don’t like Warren Kinsella (leftover from the Martin-Chretien battles) but I do think in the wake of this poll what he says makes a lot of sense, and some of our Nervous Nellies MP’s in the Liberal caucus (as well as our leadership) would do well to listen: the private negotiations about Afghanistan started to become public, various Liberal MPs started to speculate – out loud, when microphones were in the vicinity – about what THEY thought should happen, or would happen. In a matter of days, there were as many positions on Afghanistan as there were members of Liberal caucus, it seemed. Having lived through the Chretien-Martin wars (if barely), I learned many things. One of them, believe it or not, is that it is never a good idea to have MPs sit in caucus, Blackberrying the proceedings to grateful reporters, waiting outside those padded doors. Another thing I learned – call me crazy – is that, if the leader and the caucus take a position, you stick with it…To me, the (election) strategy is simple. Just remind everyone that the minority Conservatives aren’t what the majority Conservatives will be like. So, to avoid any further confusion and worry, elect a Liberal government. Will they do it? Who knows. Ask the Liberal MP at the back of the room, sending Blackberry messages about the internal strategy discussions, okay?

I don’t want the Liberals or Dion turning into Stephen Harper 2 with his clampdown on what MP’s or even Cabinet Ministers are allowed to say, but I would like to see a little more media and message discipline from this Liberal Party in Ottawa, so we dont have 24 people saying 24 different things, and I’d like to see the leaking of what are supposed to be private internal discussions stopped. Perhaps the Liberals leadership should come up with a rule that no Blackberries are allowed to be turned on or used during caucus meetings.


4 comments to Nanos: Liberals, Cons. in dead heat still.

  • Ted

    I guess I missed this poll. I do not know why Dion not force an election, maybe because he doesn’t believe it.
    They are about to vote in favor of the budget, they claim they are against. Its a confusing message. One has to see Dion as a weak leader, like John Tory. Both nice guys for sure, both in dire need of replacement.

  • ALW

    More poll commentary, eh? I digress..

    Re: message discipline, it’s not really that easy to do. It’s like being an effective leader: your subordinates need to either respect you, love you, or be afraid of you. Dion’s problem is that much of his caucus remains skeptical of him, and fears no consequences if they undermine him. It’s true that if he "clamps down" a la Harper, he’s going to get criticized, but so what? At least he’ll have control of his own caucus then.
    Of course, I don’t see them doing that,because he doesn’t have anything to threaten people with!

  • Coffee

    Speak freely to those wanting to listen and discuss.

    Save time and energy by not circulating withthose looking for information-ammunitionto cause harm. Avoid discussions with those who just want to argue.

    Spread information to those that will listen, consider, and critic fairly.


    Coffee (aka Walkswithcoffee)

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