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Chretien advises Dion to bring the Conservatives down now.

I’m not surprised to hear this news today. According to Jean Lapeirre on CTV, Jean Chretien has advised Dion the time to bring down the Conservative government and initiate an election campaign is now:

“We hear now that … Chretien and Jean Pelletier, his former chief of staff, are telling him it’s a matter of credibility, that he can’t support the government any more and that the timing would be right,” Jean Lapierre told CTV’s Question Period on Sunday.

Now, Jean Lapierre wasn’t my most favourite politician ever, but he is right on the money about what he thinks Chretien would do in this situation:

“I’m sure if Mr. Chretien were the leader of the Liberal party, he would pull the plug and he’d go for a fight,” Lapierre said, citing controversies like the Afghan detainees issue and the Mulroney-Schreiber affair.

Amusingly, the story also mentions how Chretien used the “Nervous Nellies” description of some of his caucus when they objected to him triggering a couple of elections, which is what some of us in the Liberal blogosphere and the grassroots have been using to describe some of the current Liberal caucus, who are afraid of their own shadows, much less Harper’s. Lapierre is claiming Chretien also will have more influence with Dion over an election call then others in the caucus, and in my mind, that’s a good thing. I think Dion and Pelletier have it nailed on the credibility issue, and if this story is accurate, Dion may be taking that advice to heart. The little guy from Shawinigan knew how to win elections and when to get into a campaign – hopefully his advice is taken.

[email protected]:00PM: Warren Kinsella is cautioning people on the accuracy of this claim, reminding people to consider the source of the story before we get too excited, which is true enough. The gun may have been jumped prematurely; perhaps it was just good to see other more important political folks beside us lowly Liberal bloggers who have been decrying the Nervous Nellies in the Liberal caucus to stop hiding their heads in the sand appear to have come out and said what we’ve been saying.

That said, I don’t doubt that if Chretien has spoke to Dion about this, he would be urging Dion to pull the trigger. I’m also presuming Jean Lapierre must have had some reason to say this, and didn’t just invent it.


11 comments to Chretien advises Dion to bring the Conservatives down now.

  • Stevie

    Dion must resign. This guy is a complete joke. One of the worst Liberal leaders ever!

    Dion: get in the backroom, where you belong, and stop holding us Canadians hostage! You have no charisma. You’re terrible, terrible. You should be destroying Hapless Harper in the polls, instead you’re at rock bottom.

    Dion: do you care about your party or you country?-or is all you care about having the pathetic power of an opposition leader?-or do you like being part of Harper’s Tory-Grit unity party?
    -Please resign, you are useless! Sorry for the harshness, please do it for the children. Will someone please think of the children?

  • Joseph Angolano


    "Maybe they can recycle, jobs, jobs, jobs, as their campaign slogan – that worked for Chretien in 93"

    - Please get the facts right. It was Mulroney who shouted jobs, jobs, jobs in 1984.

  • Janet said:

    [quote comment="13450"]I guess its for real now that JC has spoken. DAMN![/quote]

    Well.. until I see a direct quote from Jean, I’m going to wait on whether he actually did advise this to Dion or not. As Warren said, Jean Lapierre isn’t exactly buddy-buddy with Chretien, so caution is well advised.

  • janfromthebruce

    That said, I don?t doubt that if Chretien has spoke to Dion about this, he would be urging Dion to pull the trigger. Ah, Harper is pulling Liberal strings here, make no mistake. Having liberals caving in on Afghanistan, pray tell, beyond platitudes, what’s so different about the liberals? Maybe they can recycle, jobs, jobs, jobs, as their campaign slogan – that worked for Chretien in 93, or out of Afghanistan 2009, I mean 2011, I mean never, but please ignore our rhetoric because we just want to get elected because we have the best interest of liberals, oops, I mean nation at heart.

  • Janet

    I guess its for real now that JC has spoken.


  • Walkswithcoffee

    Thanks to Scott for pointing out the story; it is an interesting perspective that I would agree with as well (although the story is unverified). Vastly too much credibility is given to the CPoC evade-deny-and-manufacturestorymachine that is the PMO… too much credibility is taken from the opposition for not bringing it to a halt (think torture, chalk river, lumber sellout, collapsing manufacturing in Ontario, axing enviroment Canada etc etc etc._ On the topic of unverified BigLib asks, Can we trust something out of CTV… I also ask, can we trustmedia chains sonear bankruptcy that they cannot afford research or tosimply verify -either directly from the source or withindependent third parties? I don’t blame the media and do not fault them for not having a minute to call a source directly (no one is being paid to verify)… I just put the story in the context of "not-verified rumour". Cheers, Coffee

  • Paul

    The myth of Jean Chretien the street-fighter continues. He was nothing but a bully in power. He called unneeded elections like when Stockwell Day was newly voted into leadership of the Canadian Alliance. His three vast majorities added up to ten of a possible 15 years in governance.

    There is a big difference now between the make-up of the Left and Right sides of the political spectrum from when Mr. Chretien was relevant.

    Having said that, I agree. Go for it Mr. Dion!!!

  • It is reported McKenzie King observed that he woke up each morning wondering what he would have to do that day to keep "…this country together." Today one could wonder if the current PM, Mr. Harper, wakes up wondering about similar themes, or the foreign policy, or the fate of troops serving in distant Asia, or what is best for the country, or the stature of Canada in the world, or the wisdom of shredding the health system, the Canada Wheat Board, or the politics oftax cuts for the rich, or some new ways to ensure that nobody in government or connected to it ever says anything Harper has not approved. Would he gravitate toward the policy preferences of a King?

    But what if this student of Strauss, the all time totalitarian, is still the faithful student, what if he has not lost any of the Straussian devotion to deceit in the service of power, he just supresses discussion of it.

    In that case he would wake up wondering what he should do that day to hold onto power, to the complete exclusion in priority of all other matters.

    The trouble is that Mr. Harpers conduct of government, his drive for control as PM, even exceeding the wide powers that a PM already has, and his ferocious assault on any public servant who even tries to do their job against his wishes, suggest that the Straussian is still very much with us.

    In that case Mr. Dion who is a straight ahead democratic and rational politician concerned with the best interests of the nation and apparently not capable or at least not willing to function by deceit and stealth, is at a great disadvantage. Just compare, in the imagination, what the two camps led by these different men, will come up with in political campaign ads. I fear we are about to see if almost all of the people can be deceived some of the time, like during an election.

  • annie

    What happens to the Elections Canada investigation, Multroney, /Schreiber inquiry, Shelila Frazer’s looking in to Flaherty, Linda Keen , wanting her job back . Their are other things that would make Harper red in the face.

  • Doug

    I just saw the same interview. I think that M. Dion must go very soon. The question is what will be the trigger? The budget, or an opposition day non confidence vote. Leadership is a justifiable trigger. I know that there are polls that show Harper as being more acceptable, but when the truth about his leadership (dictatorship) is out the the Main Stream Media then Canadians will recognize the differences. I for one will be happy to support him. I also am happy to support my local candidate.

  • But can we trust something out of CTV

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