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A week of blogging demagogues at the National Post?

So Kathy Shaidle has a guest-column at the NP yesterday. Today, its Kate McMillan of Small Dead Animals with a guest column there (a partial list of rather dubious blogpostings of both Shaidle’s and McMillan’s – and dubious is putting it mildly – which can be found from links here).

Will we get Richard Evans doing a guest-column tomorrow? (He who helped Kate with the so-called “prank” of tricking Warren Kinsella by writing to him and pretending to be a Holocaust survivor with a fake survivor tattoo on the arm. What hilarity that is, using the death of 6 million Jewish people to pull a joke on someone. ) How about the folks who run Free Dominion the day after?

I’m sure the Post must be proud of itself exposing these folks to the mainstream. 🙄


9 comments to A week of blogging demagogues at the National Post?

  • Well, I guess when you have a guy like Dion running things for your side, you have to find your “victories” elsewhere, no matter how small. So, keep spreading the “squink”.

    “No man whose sex life was satisfactory ever became a moral censor.”
    Charles Simic

  • I agree with RA…I might not agree with Aaron very often be he does have the advantage of being sane.

    And considering the crowd they have had writing for them, that’s saying something.

  • KC

    Scott – Agreed… that is if I thought HRC’s should be shutting anyone down which I dont.    Im as shocked as anyone that those two "crypto-fascists" would get such an opportunity which is why I have to think it is a deliberate attempt to provoke a fight over HRC’s adjudicating speech.   Those two make Steyn look like a flowery multiculturalist.

  • Buckets: Thanks and link fixed.

    KC – Quite frankly, if the HRC deserves to shut anyone down, its the blogs and the bloggers previously mentioned. Their "material" provides the best evidence of that.

  • KC

    Perhaps the Post is trying to attract a human rights complaint of its own so it can be the one that fights the HRC’s.  Those two would definitely be among the best at attracting such a complaint.

    Just a theory.

  • Nice to see that the National Post is attracting the crème de la crème of "The Blogging Tories" and the right-wingnutosphere to write guest columns in its pages. It’s too bad I allowed my subscription to lapse some time back, otherwise I’d have the sheer delight of the telling them to shove it up Izzy Asper’s bunghole. 

  • buckets

    Something is wrong with the link to the ‘dubious’ posts of Shaidle — did you mean to link here:

  • I wrote something similar on my blog… They should hiring people like Aaron Lee Wudrick.

  • Hey Scott,

    Further to this, check out today’s Lawrence Martin.

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