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Liberals take lead in Nanos Research Poll (formerly SES)

For those who didn’t know, SES Research changed their name to Nanos Research – which kind of makes sense, considering it’s Nik Nanos who runs the firm. At any rate, his firm released a new poll, and it confirms the Decima poll from a week ago that shows the Cons. have slumped into 2nd place:

Canada (N=841, MoE ± 3.4%, 19 times out of 20)

  • Liberal Party 33% (-1)
  • Conservative Party 31% (-4)
  • NDP 19% (+2)
  • BQ 10% (+1)
  • Green Party 8% (+2)

Interesting comment from Nik here on the Cons attempted portrayal on Stephane Dion as a weak leader:

Even though the Harper Tories have been merciless in their attacks on Stephane Dion, these attacks have not, over the past year yielded any political dividends in public opinion for the Tories. The reality is that the Tories are not fighting Dion…they are fighting the Liberal brand. In vote rich Ontario and also in Atlantic Canada, the Conservatives have never been able to surpass the Liberals in popular support over the past two years.

More evidence to the Liberal Nervous Nellies that there’s no reason to fear an election (I do believe from what I’ve been reading at Garth Turner’s blog that the attitude is hardening in the Liberal caucus  toward the Cons. and that more then less of the caucus want to go… but that may be just me).


6 comments to Liberals take lead in Nanos Research Poll (formerly SES)

  • kursk

    Mr. Gardner, i would suggest that you may have seen a lot of politics, but it was more than likely worse than what you perceive we are experiencing now..of course, it was Liberals doing it, so it probably didn’t matter much to you, and you slept while men like Martin and Chretien rode roughshod over the Canadian people through successive majorities.

    Lies and smears? They were the masters!!  

  • P. Gardner

    I hope people will go to  to see what people are writing in his blog.  There one will find lists of reasons   the public is anxious to see the end of Mr. Harper.  I have seen a lot of politics in my lifetime but nothing to compare with dark side of this CPC government.  I am very afraid those who need to unwind after busy days and so watch the likes of  Survivors will be totally caught off guard by the outright lies and smears these people  spit out in the protection of the House of Commons.  Maybe , if they watched C-PAC  or CBC Newsworld Politics, they may get a truer picture of what’s going on.  Then, again, maybe not.  It takes a few months at least to get a glimpse into it.

  • slg

    ALW – yawn?  Yup, until things look a little more positive for the Republicans, ah, I mean the Conservatives – then watch his headlines.

  • Blackstar

    Anyone say Linda Keen / AECL / Private sector / nuclear power in one sentence because they are related……….

  • ALW

    Yawn.  Whatever makes you sleep better at night, Scott.

  • Glad to see both the NDP and Green Party showing increases…are those increases from the last Nano’s poll or from the last reported poll (Decima)…check out for a good comparison of polls as well.

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