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Congrats to some CBA winners and the organizers

Just a couple of congrats I want to send out tonight. I’m pleased to see Danielle win Best New Blog at the 2007 Canadian Blog Awards. A very good blog, and from what I’ve gotten to know of her, a very good person.

I’m also very pleased to see Daveberta win Best Political Blog and CalgaryGrit (or as he should be now known as: A Calgarian living in Toronto) finish 2nd ahead of the blog everyone assumed would win because of her rabid followers. It proves there are more progressives out there then you think on the blogosphere.

Congrats to the organizers of the CBA’s operating these awards under occasionally trying circumstances. The fact that the number of votes and voters increased from Round 1 to 2 shows that the political blogosphere is only a tiny portion of the blogs in Canada. There’s a lot of potential for growth there.


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