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Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

After all this bluster about being prepared to declare accepting the Manley Report as a confidence measure in his government, we find out that the actual motion itself won’t be voted on till March, which will be after the Budget, a Budget it appears the Liberals are willing to defeat.

It appears all of this bluster on making this Manley Report into a confidence motion was just designed to make Harper look “tough” , when it won’t even likely be the cause of the Government defeat in the House. I would go further and say the fact that the Conservatives are holding the vote before Harper even gets to the NATO meetings to plead his case shows they don’t expect to survive as a sitting government in the House to that date – because a motion on a vote after a trip to NATO and somehow exacting troops guarantees from other countries would make far more sense for Harper to then come back and say that some of the Manley recommendations have been met – so let’s vote and make it a confidence motion on Manley’s report.

By the way, I agree with Impolitical: there sure is a lot of angst over these 1000 extra troops we Canadians need that will supposedly make everything better, when NATO’s commander in Afghanistan says that to properly fight the insurgency, NATO and Afghanistan would require 400 000 troops, which he says is an impossibility. We also have reports that show that Afghanistan now supplies 90% of the world’s opium, and that democracy is failing. Harper really wants to fight an election over Afghanistan? I would suggest his latest actions now show this was all a bluff.


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