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The Afghanis can’t help it if they abuse people…

That would seem to be the summary of this article posted by Rosie Dimanno at the Star today – I guess her point is that they are a different “culture” over there (people living in the 12th century) and therefore we shouldn’t try imposing our values on them – proving that there is at least 1 neocon on the Star’s op-ed staff over there.

She’s also willing to take the word of the Kandahar Governor that he didn’t torture over the prisoner who in her words was “pouring bile into the ears of Canadian diplomats.” She apparently failed to read the story in the Globe and Mail about this, which I will post the key paragraph as a reminder to her since he apparently missed or ignored this part:

The allegations against Governor Asadullah Khalid, appointed directly by President Hamid Karzai and a key political partner to Canada’s nation-building efforts in southern Afghanistan, were regarded as sufficiently credible that senior officials in Ottawa were immediately informed and Canadian diplomats secretly reported them to the International Red Cross and Afghanistan’s main human-rights group.

Didn’t we hear the Conservatives and Harper dismiss allegations of detainees being tortured as being mere Taliban propaganda? This sounds like more of that logic from Ms. Dimanno, who by the way, thinks this whole detainee scandal would never have arisen if we’d just decided to give all of the prisoners we captured over to the Americans, rather then the Afghanis. Apparently, she forgets that they don’t exactly have a stellar track record when it comes to humanely treating detainees or prisoners either.

Back to her claims we can’t impose Canadian values on the Afghanis for a minute. It is my view that if we are over there to “free” the Afghanistan nation from the Taliban, our soldiers should not be fighting and dying over there if the society hasn’t demonstrably changed from when the Taliban ruled it — ie. the case of the young journalist sentenced to death for challenging the Islamic radical view of the Koran justifying that women be oppressed, (commuted only after tremendous international pressure) and the aforementioned Governor of Kandahar with credible charges of torture against him. Did I also mention the flourishing opium trade?

Dimanno has shown herself to be an apologist for this mission and it’s ills, as well as for the Conservative government.

UPDATE: Pogge shows why turning the detainees over to the US would be a stupid idea and shows how Dimanno is apparently ignoring the dubious record of the US., while Jimbobby shows the British have no compunction of instilling their values on Afghanistan – such as removing corrupt governors from provinces, even if they are loyalists to Karzai. That’s apparently better for the Afghanis to figure out, according to Dimanno’s bizarre reasoning.

UPDATE 2: Remember I said the young journalist’s sentence had been commuted? Apparently, that’s not true. It appears from this story here in today’s Independent over in the UK that what has happened is that the Senate head has been forced to back down from comments confirming the death sentence, because that is seen as interfering with the Afghan judiciary and illegal. That hasn’t however apparently removed the judicial sentence of death from this journalist. But hey, we shouldn’t be trying to impose Canadian values on them, right Rosie?


3 comments to The Afghanis can’t help it if they abuse people…

  • Mound of Sound

    I find it astonishing how diManno and others are wilfully ignorant of the promise Afghanistan held during its pre-warlord/pre-Marxist eras of the past three decades. The fundamentalist feudalism we support today is the work of the warlords who form the core of the government, central and provincial,today. We’re upholding a thoroughly rotten government. Garbage in, garbage out.

  • … and another thing. As I understand it, our mission is to help create a stable, democratic society that operates on the rule of law. That’s why we went. That’s why we’re there.

    But Afghanistan never had a democratic government before, stable or otherwise. Isn’t the entire mission based on imposing western values on a rogue state? How can we be there to create a democracy and say, at the same, time that we cannot justify imposing our values?

    Sorry about the tandem posting. Dang afterthoughts!

  • Whooee! I just posted up a boog story with lotsa quotes on the extent of the corruption in Afghanistan. Like I said on my own little boog, it’s a dang good thing there’s so much sand in Afstan. It comes in handy for burying our own heads.

    Hillier, Harper, MacKay and Bernier(and Rosie DiManno) say we are powerless to do anything about Afghan corruption. Not our job. None of our business. Afghanistan is a sovereign state. Yet, in 2006 the British forced Karzai to remove the corrupt governor of Helmand Province. Why are we saying NATO is powerless when the Brits proved otherwise.?


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