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My 5 favourite NDP Bloggers to read (even if I don’t agree with them all the time).

First off, and slightly off topic, I’d like to thank Red Tory for doing that timely guest blogpost earlier today -timely because I still have a neckache/headache problem with this stupid neck/head of mine. I still can’t sit down at the keyboard for more then 10-15 minutes without starting to get into pain and having to get up and stretch, take Ibuprofen, and be very miserable in general.. so thanks for covering for me, RT.

Secondly, Since Uncorrected Proofs did a temporary ceasefire on bashing Liberals and listed his Top 5 Favourite Liberal Bloggers to read, I thought I’d return the favour and do my list of Top 5 favourite NDP Bloggers (and no, this isn’t being posted by me because I’m listed by him there – but thanks for the generous words). I do not rank these here because I necessarily consider them “fair” or “non-partisan” over other NDP bloggers. All politically-oriented blogs who are affiliated to a particular political viewpoint have a bias to them in some respect. If a blog is fair in its analysis, I like that, but its also important to me if that blog can keep me coming back to read it. No matter how much I vehemently disagree with its contents, that’s a good blog if it can do that.

1. Accidental Deliberations. I’ve been reading this blog since almost the start of the Progressive Blogger website, as he joined a month after it was formed. The Jurist writes very well, has a good grasp of the issues, and I rate him at my #1 slot for that exact reason. He may be the best blogger of the Blogging Dippers (or “New Democrats Online” or whatever they’re calling themselves nowadays).

2. Idealistic Pragmatist. Another blogger I’ve read from May 2005 – an original Progressive Blogger member. I can say that sometimes what she writes on her blog (or even in comments elsewhere on other people’s blogs) I disagree strongly with her over her viewpoints on certain issues – even to the point of aggravation. She’ll tell you no doubt the very same thing about me (though we do occasionally agree on stuff, like the need for electoral reform). That said, she’s one heck of a blogger, and my arguing with her shouldn’t be taken as a lack of respect for her blogging or her views.

3. Peterborough Politics. This is a blog that started getting noticed in 2007. I consider this blog and Cam it’s worthy blog-owner to be one of the most pro-NDP and partisan NDP blogs of the Blogging Dippers, but remember what I said about writing stuff that makes me keep want to keep reading his blog? This is one of those blogs. (I met Cam last August. Despite his partisanship, he’s a good guy 😉 )

4. A tie here between the aforementioned Blogging a Dead Horse and Uncorrected Proofs, because I get the 2 of them mixed up all the time for some reason. They talk about similar topics, and they can be absolutely infuriating to me as a Liberal-inclined blogger who thinks they spend far too much time attacking the Liberals and not enough on the Conservatives. But, as someone else told me, boring is bad. And these 2 aren’t boring, so I’m lumping them together.

5. Buckdog. – I love the blog’s front page, and I have since they applied to be a Prog Blog affiliate. They always write on good political themes as well, and they do spend a good time living up to their theme of “nipping butt across the nation”.

So there you go – I even threw in an extra blog for good measure. To be honest, there are lots of good NDP bloggers out there and I had a couple I would have possibly put in my list if they hadn’t have gone a bit inactive of late, but these are the ones who grab my attention and thus get on my “favourites” list.


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