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Our soldiers are dying in Afghanistan for this?

I’ve been afflicted with a severe neckache/headache problem the past couple of days which doesn’t allow me to be at my computer for more then a few minutes at a time, and thus I’m not about to leave any long-winded posts (like I normally do), but when I see stories like this that show that the Governor of Kandahar province might be personally involved in torture (and the added outrage that the Harper government tried to cover it up), and when I see another story this week where a young Afghan journalist gets sentenced to death for supposedly blaspheming Islam, when all he was doing was challenging Muslim fundamentalists who claimed the Koran justified the oppression of women by charging they had misrepresented the views of the prophet Mohamed – something I would have expected to see in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan but not now – my skepticism of the validity of Mr. Manley and the hand-picked panel of Harper’s conclusions claiming the Afghanistan mission should be indefinite provided certain conditions are met grows, and I repeat to the Liberals and in particular the hawks within the Liberal caucus that the Manley Report and its conclusions was a fait accompli before it even got started, and you CANNOT accept this if it gets tabled to Parliament. Layton and the NDP’s position is far closer to yours then Harper’s is, and I would urge you to talk to him and work out an agreement with him and the BQ’s position that the Manley Report is not acceptable.

I was leery (to say the least) of a hand-picked panel’s conclusions that sounds alarmingly like a George Bush loyalist report claiming the need to stay in Iraq indefinitely, but when I see things like above, to me that means our soldiers are dying over there for nothing. We are supporting potential war criminals in the Karzai government, and we appear to also have Afghan courts that are no less fundamentalist then when the Taliban were in power. I don’t disagree we need to continue there in non-combat roles , such as more training and and definitely pump more money and aid into Afghanistan, something that is inadequate now, but with what we see occurring in Afghanistan now? It’s is not something worth extending a mission’s combat role for to have more of our soldier’s killed. NATO countries need to step up to the plate, and that’s irregardless of Manley and Harper’s “threat” to leave. Our combat mission should end as scheduled in 2009, and let some other countries shoulder the military burden, while we do our best to help in nation-building in a non-military fashion.

[email protected]:00pm: I see General Hillier has joined in on the “we can’t leave Kandahar once 2009 arrives” parade. My only surprise is he didn’t do it sooner, but perhaps all the “blame the military for the detainees change in status” delayed his deliverance of the pro-Harper government line.


5 comments to Our soldiers are dying in Afghanistan for this?

  • Canadians shouldn’t be dying there. Neither should other NATO troops. They shouldn’t be there either.
    Do you remember any moment in time when the House approved  a mission to Afghanistan and debated same ?
    I don’t either. Jack Layton is getting tarred with "Not Supporting the Troops". He should loudly bray selecting  futile target practice as a new sport was a damned odd way of doing that deed !

  • "irregardless"…? A smack of the dead trout to Mushroom.

  • Militantliberal

    Journalists being sentenced to death in Afghanistan? How does that happen? I thought the glorious western troops had brought freedom to Kabul and all the children were in schools including the girls. Democracy was flourishing so that the streets resembled Athens of old and the return of the Taliban was the only thing that could spoil this new Utopian Kabul. If they start doing the executions in soccer stadiums they will be exactly as bad as the Taliban.

  • mushroom

    "NATO countries need to step up to the plate, and that’s irregardless of Manley and Harper’s “threat” to leave."
    Why should the peace loving Germans and Norwegians step up to the plate and die for Canadians in Kandahar?  Not even a supporter of France in its conduct of foreign policy, why should Sarkozy offer Harper and Manley a gesture in these killing fields?

    It is not a question of Grit hawks or doves.  We need to change our attitude towards military roles.  Bosnia under Lewis Mackenzie was one in which Canadians punch much less powerful than the media and/or government made out to be.  All this leads to Kandahar.  We need to move from peacekeeping to nation building with a modernized army, sounds the clarion cry.  The results there speak for themselves.

    The NATO meeting in Vilnius in the next several days will need much attention to.  Harper is going to strong arm the allies to supply the troops.  My advice to Dion and Rae (he needs to stop posturing, IMO) is to give advance notice for the other countries to politely decline.  At the same time, they should pay extra attention to the alternative proposals put forth from the other European countries so they can put forth an alternative to the Manley report recommendations for the party rank and file.  

  • Mound of Sound

    Hillier really grates on me.   His notion of "we have to keep sending our kids to die there lest we dishonour those who’ve already been killed" is disgraceful.    I think it’s his honour he’s concerned with, not theirs.

    It’s finally becoming clear that it all went wrong when, after driving our the Taliban, we replaced one gang of mujahadeen with another gang of mujahadeen.  That’s why we’ve got the all too predictable result of a country controlled by mujads – a corrupt government, a feudal society and a criminal economy.

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