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Just one question to the CBA folks…

Why would you have Dan Arnold, one of the most prominent – if not THE prominent – Liberal bloggers out there present the award for best non-partisan blog? He might be the most objective of the Liberal bloggers, but he’s still definitely a partisan. Was there no non-partisan blogger available? Did he demand air time or something? What an ego-maniac. 😉

Anyhow.. congrats to Nunc Scio and blogowner Graeme for a well deserved win (who also was doing his best to be seen on that Youtube video, I think)

PS – I share StageLeft’s sentiments that it’s very cool how they’ve done the announcements for this.


6 comments to Just one question to the CBA folks…

  • I’m fairly certain no one else would find that amusing.

  • "is it too late for us to pull out of the category?"

    ROFLMAO!  That would be too too funny.

  • Does that mean that Best Progressive Blog can look forward to an intro from Kathy Shaidle? And if so, is it too late for us to pull out of the category?

  • Graeme, about that video… 🙂
    Since you got your 15 seconds of fame in another clip, perhaps we’ll go with another presenter for that one 😉 If you get cut, I’ll use you in the DVD outtakes instead 😉

  • Basically, we were in hour 4 of the "test the nation" holding line and Saskboy went up to everyone to everyone and told us to pick a category we weren’t nominated for – I’m not sure why I picked non-partisan…it was probably the only category I could think of.

    I think it’s kind of like how they always get the "best actor" winner from the year before to present "best actress" at the Oscars I think…

  • Thanks for the congrats, Scott. And for the nomination. You are the white knight of the Canadian blogospherer.

    And yes, if there’s a camera around, I will instinctively try to be on it.

    As for Dan’s intro…I think Saskboy’s idea (that I dig) was to get opposites to announce some of the awards. I vaguely remember doing the intro for the best conservative blog. Sweet.

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