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Want to quiz John Manley? Here’s your chance – he’s on at 4 pm on the radio.

Would you like to ask Mr Manley why his final analysis in his Afghanistan Panel report seems to mirror every conclusion he came to when he wrote a policy report as a private citizen back in October? Would you like to ask why no one who was critical of the current mission in Afghanistan allowed on the panel, or various other disturbing questions that seem to indicate the outcome was a fait accompli?

Well, thanks to Jennifer Smith at Runesmith’s Canadian Content for passing along the info that John Manley will be on CBC’s Cross Country Checkup and taking calls at 4 pm EST today. I suggest if any of you want to ask about your concerns of this report, now’s the time to try and ask. It will be interesting to see what Rex Murphy and his filters allows through to Manley to be asked (Stephane Dion and Jack Layton are also supposed to be appearing on the show).

UPDATE: IF any of you get through, let me know how it went, and how the general tone of the show went.


4 comments to Want to quiz John Manley? Here’s your chance – he’s on at 4 pm on the radio.

  • slg

    I suggest people read Paul Wells’ blog today before planning their questions. What the hell – is Karzai running the shots in the war?

  • Okey doke.  No worries.  As long as the word gets out, one way or the other.

    Sadly, I just realized that I’m not even going to be able to call in – not unless Manley is on in the first hour.  I have to go to work at 5:00, and even if I was willing to bring a radio in and sit on hold on my cell phone forever, there’s no way I can think of to sound intelligent and well-informed on the radio in between telling customers when their videos are due back.


    I’ve given Scott Ross the heads-up, so hopefully he’ll get through.

  • Simple answer – the feed reader can be finicky. Sometimes it doesn’t read all the new feeds in from all the blogs for some reason. Don’t ask me why – because I dont know.

    (Update: It’s up now at Prog)

  • Thanks for the Hat Tip, Scott!

    Now, why hasn’t my post on this appeared on ProgBlog yet, even though I posted it almost two hours ago?

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