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Issues to campaign on.

Just a followup to my last post – if the Liberals want to list issues to campaign on and to give as reasons to go to the polls and bring the government down now, here is a good list supplied by my friend Jimbobby, which I liked so much I’ve made it into a posting (shortened a bit):

– A PM that continually lies to Canadians and to Parliament is a winning issue to go on.
– Ministerial incompetence in multiple ministries is a winning issue to go on.
– Embarrassment of Canada on the world stage is a winning issue to go on.
– Canada blindly propping up the corrupt, warlord-ruled, narco-state known officially as The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a winning issue to go on.
– The wedge-driving, divisive, region-versus-region tactics of the current government is a winning issue to go on.
– The mismanagement of the economy and failure to reduce personal income tax while doling out billions to the tar sand developers is a winning issue to go on.
– The reneging of the Atlantic Accords is a winning issue to go on.
– The lack of accountability and transparency from a government that was elected on just those issues is a winning issue to go on.
– The failure to make any improvements in healthcare waiting times is a winning issue to go on.
– The lockstep march with George W. Bush and the secret SPP talks aimed at eliminating Canadian sovereignty with a North American Union is a winning issue to go on.
– The lip service and inaction on the environment is a winning issue to go on.

Is that enough? Half of that list would be good enough for most people. As a matter of fact, the latest fiasco of detainee transfers with the PMO blaming everyone but themselves for who knew what is enough for me, as my last post should indicate, but that’s a comprehensive list to show this government’s incompetence and being unfit to lead this country which gives multiple justifications to vote no-confidence in this government and force an election.

UPDATE: Jimbobby adds to and expands his own list at his site


4 comments to Issues to campaign on.

  • "Instead of trying to get people to focus on their main opponents, they got people to focus on them."

    Pulleeeze. The Cons got elected on a campaign of finger-pointing at the rotten AdScamming entitlement-claimin’ natural-governin’ Liberals. The Liberals screwed up with AdScam and teh Con’s capitalized on it. Were it not for AdScam, the Liberals would be in power today.

    While Harper’s campaign promises of openness, accountability and transparency might be painted as positive platform planks, they were mainly designed to point out the inadequacies of the 13 years of Liberal rule.

    Since coming to power, Harper has been in full time campaign mode. Witness the TV ads. Look at All they do is taunt Dion-not-a-leader.

    As far as those lofty campaign promises of accountability and transparency, we’ve seen how much they meant. These guys even keep secrets from each other and our NATO allies. Accountable? It was [fill in scapegoat du jour]’s fault.


  • Kwil

    To be honest, it’s too much. If the Liberals campaign on that list, they’ll lose this election just like the last one. Why? Because it’s an entirely negative campaign, and doesn’t give any reason why people should vote for any particular party, just why they shouldn’t vote for conservatives. Well, that’d be great if there weren’t four ways for the vote to split once it’s not going to the conservatives (and one of those ways is simply saying "A pox on all your houses!" and staying home)

    I may not like Stephen Harper, but the PCs ran a good campaign. Instead of trying to get people to focus on their main opponents, they got people to focus on them. It worked. And it’ll work again unless other parties give people a better reason *not* to focus on them.

  • Thankee kindly fer posting that up, ScottMan. While you were doing that, I was doing something similar over at my own little boog. Ive made it into a posting (lengthened a bit). 🙂


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