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The question every opposition MP should be asking Maxime Bernier in QP…

…when it recommences should be:

“Mr Speaker, I would like to ask the Foreign Affairs Minister whether he believes waterboarding is torture or not.”

If the answer to that question is yes, waterboarding is considered torture, the followup question should be: “Mr Speaker, if the Minister believes waterboarding is torture, and we know for a fact that waterboarding is standard operating procedure for interrogations in the US and at Guantanamo Bay, why was the US removed from this list that the Foreign Affairs Dept. developed for our diplomats? And isn’t all this flip-flopping by the Minister really political cover to stop people from asking if the Foreign Affairs Dept believes torture is practiced at Guantanamo, why aren’t we lifting a finger to aid and repatriate Omar Khadr from Guantanamo, and at least give him a civilized, fair trial here?”

If the answer is no, the Minister doesn’t believe waterboarding is torture, I’d like the opposition MP’s to ask what Bernier and the Conservative government’s minimum definition of torture is. I’m not talking about the obvious cases like pulling out fingernails or electric shocks. I want to hear what the minimum act done is considered by this government to be torture, so we can see what “standards” (if that term can be used here) this Conservative government is using. Is it now the same as their Republican allies in the US, when it wasn’t 2 days ago?


8 comments to The question every opposition MP should be asking Maxime Bernier in QP…

  • Scoooooot, helloooooo? Surely you’re not dodging this question, just like you accuse government ministers of doing? That would be pretty pathetic. Given your demand that Bernier provide a "minimum definition of torture," surely you have such a definition yourself?

  • "Keep asking. Then bring this friggin’ government of pigs down."

    Damn straight. Then bring in a government with Michael Ignatieff as minister of defence. After all, Iggy’s pro-torture position is written down in his books. Bernier’s pro-torture position exists only in Scott’s fevered imagination.

    Incidentally, Scott, what is your minimum definition of torture? Now now, don’t avoid the questions like the government ministers would.

  • I say that if the answer is no (or, more accurately anything but yes, since water boarding is, in fact , torture) then each opposition MP should ask whether the Minister will volunteer to be water boarded. If no why not?

    Keep asking. Then bring this friggin’ government of pigs down.

  • CWTF

    Since when does it matter what Iggy said? Is it not a Canadian value not to endorse torture?The opposition should be prepared for whatever canned answers Harperoids will have but still go on the offensive on this one. The US and Israel use torture – let’s not change the word and go from there.

  • True, but that won’t stop the Tories.

  • There are other MP’s besides Iggy in the House to ask said questions.

  • My other suspicion is Bernier will get up and quote old things by Iggy on the need for something very like torture in the war on terror.

  • I suspect he will fudge and say that the definition of torture is under review.

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