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This and that on a Sunday.

– I said I was very pleased to have a guest-blogger here to comment on the Chalk River/AECL/Linda Keen fiasco, and that column will appear on Monday morning. A little hint as to who it is: all of you who read here and elsewhere on the blogosphere know of this person, and who the person is. This person has blogged before, but is not a blogger. The person is fairly well known in political circles.

– This is a very interesting assessment of the John Manley-led Afghanistan panel by Haroon Siddiqui:

The John Manley panel stacked with people keen on keeping Americans happy, at all costs, to preserve our trade will present its own spin in the next few days.

– Hillary Clinton “wins” the Nevada Democratic Primary, but due to some oddball voting setup, Obama actually won more delegates then her. This isn’t the first primary to have this happen either. In Iowa, Edwards narrowly finished ahead of Clinton for 2nd place, but was given less delegates then her; A pretty bizarre setup they have down there to select a Presidential candidate, if you ask me.


2 comments to This and that on a Sunday.

  • Looking forward to the guest blogger post on the Chalk River nuclear situation!

  • slg

    It’s no accident that Harper picked Manley for the panel. Manley had written an article just prior to Harper setting up this "waste of time and money" panel indicating his views – much the same as Harper. Harper knew already what Manley would report.

    Harper a leader? He can’t make a decision without appointing panels that think the same way he does. What a weakling.

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