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Judged by the company one keeps.

My title could be taken literally as well as figuratively, when describing what the Toronto Sun discovered (yes, the Toronto Sun) with regards to the circumstances surrounding Resource Minister Gary Lunn’s grilling by the Natural Resources committee yesterday:

Taxpayers shelled out to pay a private image consultant to coach Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn for his televised appearance before a Commons committee in Ottawa yesterday.

At least we have an idea what Minister Lunn was doing while being incognito all these weeks; he was being coached on the proper spin for replies to tough questions, as well as stalling tactics to run the clock out on hostile questioners, but it gets better (or worse, depending on your POV):

The consultant used was the Ottawa firm McLoughlin Media, the same company the Mounties paid $25,000 to help former RCMP commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli prepare for his appearance before parliamentary hearings.

We all know how well that went over, and this latest maneuver, in addition to showing the Conservatives are trying desperately to keep Lunn from saying further things that embarrasses himself (and potentially incriminates his government further in a potential wrongful dismissal lawsuit by Linda Keen) shows again the hypocrisy of this government. That well-known Liberal-friendly organization, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, pointed that out in the same Sun article:

“I think that it is a little pathetic that a minister of the Crown needs to turn to an image consultant before going before a committee hearing,” said John Williamson, director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. “This is the kind of spending that not only was the Reform party opposed to in opposition but it’s also the kind of business taxpayers were told would end under a Stephen Harper government,” he said.

Precisely. And it’s yet another Republican tactic borrowed from down south the Conservatives are trying to use to avoid legislative oversight. I say again to the Liberal Party and to its advisers; the government has shown extreme incompetence and maliciousness in this matter and others (Helena Guergis’s partisan attack on Dion and Ignatieff and compromising their and Canadian officials security in Afghanistan being the most recent and another prime example of this).

Bring forth a non-confidence motion at the earliest possible date.


4 comments to Judged by the company one keeps.

  • Tomm

    Lunn always looks a little stiff.

    Kind of like a deer gazing blankly into the headlights of an oncoming bus.  Sometimes he has that really earnest cub scout leader enthusiasm.

    But the lessons worked last week.  I though Gary Lunn looked as good as I’ve seen him look.  I guess not a great compliment, but he was better.

    Onto David McGuinty.  He was horrible.  When he talked I saw an ugly smirky grimace and heard the sound of nails across a chalkboard.  All in all, McGuinty should have a chat with the same PR firm.
    The LPC won’t gain people’s votes by being nasty, ugly bullies. 



  • JSPS

    How much does this much lipstick on a pig cost Canadians?  That’s what I want to know.

  • When I first read this my first thought was "I hope that someone is asking for a refund"

  • Some are reading between the lines of the the CTF’s comments to mean that Liberals were of the habit of doing this for committee hearings. If this is not true we should be stating that clearly.Harper is well beyond anything that previous governments have ever contemplated. He’s now a branch company of Rove-Cheney. Privatize everything, say nothing, answer to no one.

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