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MSNBC is apparently projecting that Republican candidate Mitt Romney will win Michigan, and liberal blogs in the US everywhere are celebrating. A graphic example of this would be this cute logo at Daily Kos I saw in one of the message threads:

Dems For MITT!

Now, there will be more then a few saying that the liberal blogs call for Democrats to vote for Mitt in Michigan had little impact: I believe I saw somewhere that said between 7-10% of voters in the Republican primary were Democratic voters, but Marcos of Daily Kos dismisses such talk:

If Romney wins by less than 7% , then that’s all we needed. The idea was to help Romney win. Not take over their primary.

Indeed, with 11% 15% of the ballot in as of this writing, Mitt was leading McCain by 6%. I fully expect the liberal blogs, led of course by Kos, to take some credit for this “Mittmentum” victory (whether they deserved to or not) to see if they can’t get the Republicans and their supporters stirred up or not. Regardless, the Republican Presidential race remains wide open.

[email protected]:39 PMHa Ha:

The Michigan Republican Party mistakenly sent out a news release Tuesday night congratulating John McCain for winning the state’s GOP primary. It quickly issued a second statement praising Mitt Romney for his win…


6 comments to Mittmentum!

  • By the way, it might interest you to know that the wingnuts are circling their wagons around Ron Paul. At least according to the latest from Richard Viguerie. He’s launched a new site touting Paul as … oh, how does he put it? Here it is: "truly a principled conservative in the grand tradition of Robert Taft, Barry Goldwater, and Ronald Reagan." LOL.

    Taft… that’s bound to get the kids excited!

  • Ah, I love it. All it needs is some cheezy "Mentos"-like commercial to go along with it.

  • Scott, just for fun I posted this comment in a diary over at Daily Kos:

    Should get lots of positive feedback ;) Maybe Markos will frontpage it.

  • Scott, holy spinorama.Less thanhalf as many Dems voted in this primary as they did in 2000, despite the fact the Dem primary was scuttled.It looks like 7% of the vote were Dems, which translates to 6000 votes in total. McCain 41% of them, Romney 33%, Huckabee 17%, Paul 7%. That means Romney received a whooping 2000 votes from Dems. Given the fact Huckabee received a 1000, despite being a right wing minister, who had NO roots in the state, it is hard to see Romney’s total as anything but ordinary. Did Markos get a few votes for Romney? I would argue that it might be exaggerating to say he delivered 2-300 votes, and even that is suspect. The numbers are in, a Michigan born candidate, who’s father was the longest serving Governor in Michigan history, who spent most of his campaign fighting for blue-collar jobs, received 2000 votes from Dems, in a year with no Dem race to speak of- Markos really flexed the muscles here.

    Of course people will argue that it was a success, but the numbers aren’t partisan or ego driven, they just are. "Democrats For Mitt", nothing to see here.

    Scott, any retort must address those numbers, which are real 🙂

  • Damn, that is a funny graphic. Nice!

    But my bet is that the longer the Republican race remains a race, the fewer independents in will vote in Democratic primaries… I think that helps Hillary to the detriment of Obama.

  • Silly me. I used to think that an exciting, competitive race that draws attention was good for a party. But I’ve been re-educated by Kos Boy.

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