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Key Republican Primary in Michigan

Michigan votes today – or at least for all intents and purposes the Republicans in Michigan vote today, as the Michigan Democrats face censure from the DNC for trying to move their primary up and violating DNC rules, and their delegates may not even be allowed to be seated at the Democratic Convention.

We will find out a few things: whether John McCain can keep up his presidential campaign’s apparent rejuvenation after New Hampshire, whether Mike Huckabee has any strength amongst the evangelical crowd outside of Metro Detroit, and whether the “Mittmentum” campaign, which involves asking Democrats to crossover and vote for Mitt Romney as encouraged by Daily Kos and some other liberal blogs in order to help Mitt Romney win – with the goal of causing the republican presidential race to continue to be a toss-up and from their POV, continuing the GOP internal warfare -  is a success or is a failure (Michigan is an open primary – you don’t have to be of the same party to vote for someone else’s candidate – your only restriction is you can only vote for one ballot or the other, not both).

Although last-minute stories like this aren’t going to help Mitt’s campaign much, 2 late polls in Michigan have him leading McCain by 5-8 points.


6 comments to Key Republican Primary in Michigan

  • Steve: Of course its friendly disagreement.

  • It’s mentioned, but there seems a real disconnect between the keyboard and the street.  If there was any buzz about this with Michigan voters, you don’t think someone would mention it? 

    Markos is not playing havoc with the Rep race, but that is his angle now that he realizes the idea has flopped in a substantive sense (he even came up with this fancy banner at the beginning, thinking he would really mess things up).  I would argue, you are seeing what you want to, there is no evidence anywhere of a manifestation to the practical, its just talk.  If the netroots campaign was showing any signs of success, wouldn’t it show up in a netroots medium like Facebook?  That group is a pathetic representation, by any measure.  It is the mainstream media that is picking this up, because it’s provocative, I am scanning the local news sites, the comment sections, editorials, anecedotal feedback from Michigan voters, what the local volunteers (the grassroots) are arguing.  That’s real, as opposed to this mostly esoteric sense of power.  I’m open to admitting that it’s working, but I’ve found nothing.

    BTW, those polls you cited are older.  The two that polled until late last night had Romney up 6, McCain up 1.  One thing I pointed out at my place, apparently the absentee vote was quite high, and given the fact that Romney was up 20-30 points just a few weeks ago, you would have to assume he has a healthy advantage with those early voters.

    This is friendly disagreement, as I’m sure you know πŸ™‚

  • Steve: you’ve misread me (or reading what you want to read πŸ˜‰ )    Markos isn’t admitting anything of the sort. He’s just trying to cause a stir over there,

    IF you note those comments in the guy talking about the latest poll results, the Dems for Mitt campaign is mentioned by several commenters.. so it’s out there a lot more then you think, regardless whether the mainstream press are covering it or not.

  • So Kos is admitting that the campaign isn’t working then?  Good.  I would add, weakening a legitimate Romney victory isn’t in the Dems best interest.  Romney is the Democrats best chance to win (he trails by 20 points in head to heads with Clinton and Obama).  You want him coming out of Michigan strong, and hope he wins the nomination.  Putting the results into question doesn’t serve the Dems at all.  Markos is absolutely clueless here.

  • Steve:

    As Kos has hinted in messages in the threads, whether or not his campaign is actually effective or not matters little to him, as long as Romney wins and a some of the right-wing actually thinks he did have an impact, and it causes blowback as a result.

  • Scott my friend, I just want to say ahead of time, that Romney will get votes from Democrats, so don’t take that as proof of anything (In 2000 Bush received Dem votes too, despite a Democratic primary).  Romney has been hitting the economy angle very hard, and this has some appeal to Reagan Dems.  Despite what Markos is talking about, the following is actually indicative of what Michigan Dems seem to be concerned with:

    "Polls indicate that Hillary Clinton’s strongest competition is from "Uncommitted," a none-of-the-above option to send free-floating delegates to the Democrats’ summer convention. Obama and Edwards supporters have seen a strong "Uncommitted" showing as an opportunity to deliver a potentially fatal no-confidence vote to Clinton in a large state.

    This past weekend, local supporters of those two candidates increased their efforts to mobilize support for Uncommitted. Appeals have rung out from the pulpits of large black churches in Detroit; radio ads by House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers and his wife, Monica, a city councilwoman; and an e-mail newsletter from the Democratic committee of Macomb County – the home of former Democratic congressman David Bonior, now Edwards’s campaign manager.
    In response, Clinton supporters have picked up their efforts to generate interest in the primary. Governor Jennifer Granholm and Senator Debbie Stabenow urged voters to back Clinton at a rally on Saturday that was described as a "press conference" to elude the restriction on active campaigning. But observers wonder whether Democratic voters, lacking a full array of choices, will opt to vote instead in the Republican contest, which has dominated the airwaves."

    The last time I checked Markos’ Facebook Group, there were about 40 Michigan voters.  One guy from China, many from Canada, the biggest group seems to consist of Californians, but not too many people who can actually vote.  I’m already preparing myself for the spin that this campaign was effective, but judging by the complete silence coming from Michigan papers, this effort seems entirely fringe to say the least.  Two cents πŸ™‚

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