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A tad late

My parent’s got this in the mail (regular mail) from their Oxford County MP, Conservative Dave MacKenzie:

A tad late

Nothing unusual about constituents receiving a flyer or note at Christmas from their local MP wishing them a Merry Christmas, except that this was received by my folks in their mailbox this morning on January 14, 2008*. It didn’t even get here in time for Orthodox Christmas, let alone traditional Christmas. I have yet to go around to my neighbours to see if they also received the same flyer.

I’m not sure whether this was Canada Post bungling up, or some staffers of Mr. Mackenzie’s in Ottawa or Woodstock didn’t look at the calendar or plain forgot and simply sent them out in the spirit of “better late then never”, but I thought it amusing enough to mention.

* My parents will vouch that they received it at this late date if anyone doubts it – they are not partisan political supporters.


7 comments to A tad late

  • Al

    The mystery deepens !

  • Well Al, it got into the mailbox somehow. I can’t say who put it there for sure; but all I know is my father went out to grab the mail at lunch when he was home from work, and there it was, wit the rest of the regular mail.

    If there was a  constituency worker going around putting it in the mailbox(es), then I’m going to have to call Mr Mackenzie and tell him to find something else for them to do that’s half relevant.

  • Al

    I know for a fact that your parents DID NOT receive this flyer from  Canada Post in Woodstock. Although  I can appreciate your humorous reaction I would respectfully like to point out that as I am employed at the Post Office in question I am personally aware these flyers  were NOT delivered by our station. Cheers

  • Everyone knows conservatives don’t have a sense of humour. Other than ALW. I will try and read before I comment. Sorry about that.

  • Hey Wayne, a word of advice:  Grab a sense of humour – even ALW can sense it on here when I post it. (Or read the taglines, having the word "humour" in it might give a hint to you I’m being facetious with the post).

  • Why would this matter? Like ALW said there are many possibilities, and I doubt being malicious was one of them.

  • ALW

    There’s so many possibilities…
    -maybe he wanted to blunt the possibility of offending people by saying "Merry Christmas" by not actually sending them out at Christmas
    -maybe he was so busy helping constituents he forgot to send them out…heh
    -maybe he specifically sent it late just to you 😉

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