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Democrats for Mitt working?

This won’t tell election watchers 1 way or the other if it’s working, because this is of “Likely Republican Voters”, but check out the new Rasmussen poll on the Republican primary race in Michigan to be held in a few days:

Romney 26
McCain 25
Huckabee 17
Thompson 9
Paul 8
Giuliani 6

Marcos at Daily Kos of course helpfully points the poll out and reminds the Dems in Michigan to “Vote for Mitt” to ensure he wins and a debilitating Republican civil war ensues.


18 comments to Democrats for Mitt working?

  • What would you like beyond board chatter, Steve? Obviously, I’m going on some commentary I’ve seen, and the unknown quantity are those who read the site but don’t leave commentary.. As I said, we’ll see once the primary is over and the victor is declared -whoever that may be – and the Dem crossovers mentioned.. and then we’ll see how much of an impact if any the activist blogs had in getting this tactic to work. Until then, you and I will be going in circles on this… and as much as I like big commentary threads… I think we need to draw up a truce on arguing if this is having any effect or not 🙂

  • Scott, what Firedoglake says might be relevant if you could provide something substantive to show real influence in Michigan, something that demonstrates the ability of the idea to move from the keyboard to the street.  I’ve seen nothing, and I’m open to looking. 

  • What the campaigns say and what the netroots do are sometimes two totally different things.  As I said, we’ll see.. because I’ve seen strong support for this idea at Firedoglake and Eschaton amongst the commenters, and there are more who support it from Mi at Kos then I think you’re willing to give credit for… and the combined blogs membership and readership number in the thousands. Not all from Michigan of course.. but as I said.. even a small # of crossovers could turn the tide.

  • But, these are ALL the campaigns, asking their grassroots supporters to vote Hillary or uncommitted, that is the debate.  The story today was the Dem Governor weighing in, telling people to show up and vote "uncommitted".  I didn’t hear anybody in Michigan mention the Markos scenario.  I think you might be the elitist here, assuming some guy in San Francisco can tell grassroots Dems in Michigan what to do.  Think about it 😉

  • Steve: I guess we’ll find out after the primary how many Dems crossed over to vote.

  • I’m sure the establishment Dems would say such a thing. They’d never get caught openly advocating Dems to vote in the other primary. Thats for the blogger netroots to do. No shocker there.

  • Scott, I’m giving you numbers (from respected papers, not online publications), you are giving me hype?  Can you provide anything actually coming from Michigan to support that this thing is taking off, those facebook numbers are laughable.  Of course everyone picked up on it, it was provocative, but nothing empirical to suggest anything more than a passing fancy.

  • Heh.. you’re another one that needs to learn to use the text editor  for links 😉

  • Scott, just to add, the real movement is for people to vote uncommitted, so the delegates are still at large in a convention. That’s the push from the establishment, Obama’s people, Edwards, Michigan Dems. And, if you actually read the comment sections in Markos posts, you will notice Michigan Dems are the most vocal against.

  • I’ll add Steve, that even if there are little crossovers doing Kos’s suggestion, the fact he has gotten big coverage from CNN on it.. and has FoxNews in a state of apoplexy over it as well as many right-wing sites wondering if this is reverse psychology means that he has succeeded in tossing the "cat amongst the pigeons" at a very minimum.

  • That’s horrible when you consider most of the people on there aren’t from Michigan.   I’ve been reading all the papers from Michigan, the people that actually vote are talking about Hillary, disappointment that the delegates were taken away, voting uncommitted, no sense whatsoever, on the ground in Michigan, that people are inclined to do go the Rep race and play games.  None, and I’m looking for it, out of curiousity. 

  • Scott, those are the two biggest papers in the state.

  • 467 members in 2 days isnt bad.

  • Scott, just to add, the "Democrats For Mitt" Facebook group which Markos bragged about yesterday has a earth shattering 467 members (including Markos), of which probably 20 could actually vote.  On the site the last comment reads "this is a bad idea, conceived on bad principles".  Sounds like a real juggernaut 😉

    BTW, Romney has a good lead in a few polls now, including the NBC one to be released in the morning.  Pretty fluid, should be interesting to watch Tuesday.

  • Steve:

    Even if only 10 000 voters were to do what Kos is suggesting, it could have a big impact.. and you should know better then to give credence to an online newspaper poll 🙂

    Annie: you’re incorrect in what you heard – it isn’t the Democratic delegates that are being asked to vote for Romney – its actual Democratic voters who are being given advise by Markos to select a Republican ballot instead of a Democratic one in the open primary. All delegates assigned to all Republican candidates after the outcome are Republican delegates an would go to the RNC Convention.

    What you might be thinking of is the Democratic Primary where because of a violation of rules, and a couple withdrawals of candidates, only Clinton and a couple of minor candidates are on that ballot. The reason some in the Democratic Party are asking those Dem voters to vote uncommitted is so Clinton doesn’t get a clean sweep of Michigan’s delegates in a very crucial race. Those uncommitted delegates when they were then assigned could go to the Convention and vote for whoever – Clinton, Edwards, Obama, etc.

    Marko’s argument at Daily Kos is that this is a useless exercise, and that it is better for Dem voters to put their votes to use to upset the Republican applecart and keep the interceine warfare going as long as possible by helping to elect Romney and split the Republican delgate vote so as to force  what they call a "brokered Convention", which in simple terms means there is no clear winner going to that Convention (most  presidential conventions are coronations). In otherwards, they’d have what Canadian leadership conventions are usually like all the time 😉 But down there, they view that as a divisive thing.

  • Scott I know you want to think Markos little exercise has the capacity to change the race, but all the polls today show no inclination for Dems to crossover and vote in the Rep race.  Obama’s people and Edwards are both asking people to vote "uncommitted", the Governor came out today and asked for people to vote for Clinton.  From all the internals I’ve read of potential turnout, there is nothing to suggest that Dems have any intention of hatching Markos marginal plan.  As a matter of fact, in the Detroit Free Press poll, "switch to Republican ballot" scored a whopping 0 % response from Democrats.  The Detroit News poll mentions Dem voters, but says those that will crossover favor McCain.

  •  i heard if the Democratic delegates help to get Romney in, then those delegates that voted for him , turn around in the end  when it all matters, and vote Democrat

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