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Stirring up the hornet’s nest

Just a little update to my last post talking about Markos of Daily Kos openly calling for the Michigan Democrats to keep Mitt Romney in the Republican presidential race by voting for him in the open primary and securing a victory. We have had Fox News now covering this (but with their usual inaccuracies that Markos pointed out and corrected in a follow-up posting) and from that same piece, we find out not only did CNN’s “The Situation Room” cover it, but they were able to get quotes from Mitt Romney (who only wanted Republicans to vote for him) and Mike Huckabee (who made a pitch to the Democrats to vote for him instead – whether he meant that seriously or with humour I’m not positive, as I didn’t see the interview).

Whatever else can be said about Kos’s plan and whether its viable or not or some “perversion of democracy” as some claim (even Fox News acknowledges it’s legal, though whining about dirty tricks), he certainly has stirred up the Republican’s hornet nest with a stick, and perhaps that at a minimum is what he intended with this provocative plan (and I think it was and is a brilliant tactic, even if that’s all it accomplishes).

In closing, I just have to post this up here, because I think it’s a great poster:

Democrats For Mitt

UPDATE: Markos confirms in comments that he was throwing a hand grenade out there on purpose to stir things up (but he still is advocating that Michigan Democratic voters go and vote for Romney in their primary).


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