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Accusations of sexism in US primary contest.

As I’ve mentioned prior, there does seem to be a fair bit of pundits on the TV who really are antagonistic towards Hillary Clinton – some of it based from when her husband was in office, no doubt, others who may just not like her because of her personality or whatever.

However, one fellow who seems to really have it in for Hillary is Chris Matthews of MSNBC. Some of the blogging folks at the Democratic supporting blogs have gone even further – charging that Matthews has gone over the line with his criticism of Hillary and that he is uttering sexist remarks (not all of the bloggers making these charges are Hillary supporters)

One of the contributors at Daily Kos has compiled a list of quotes from Matthews over the past 3 years with regards to his views on Clinton, which he says “speaks for themselves”, and then includes a couple of email addresses at the end of the site where he encourages his readers to write in complaining about Matthews behaviour. I’m linking to that list, and will let the readers decide whether or not Matthews has uttered sexist remarks against Clinton. At the very least however, I feel many of the quotes uttered are pretty inappropriate, and if a political commentator were to utter the same stuff up here on Canadian TV, I don’t think he or she would be long for the medium.


4 comments to Accusations of sexism in US primary contest.

  • Deanna

    I support Jon Stewart’s take on this issue. The media made a mountain out of a molehill. Clinton didn’t cry; she barely choked up for a couple of seconds. She didn’t even stop talking.  The media tried to make it sound like she dissolved into tears. She neither snuffled nor whined.

    The media tried to turn this into Dean’s scream and it backfired.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it did push some undecided women off the fence in support; anyone with eyes and ears could see that the media blew the whole thing out of proportion to make her look bad.  Why should they let the pundits get away with that crap?

  • MOS:

    Whether she contrived her tears or not wouldn’t seem to me to justify what Chris Matthews has been saying about her. Note that this list was compiled after the N.H Primary, not before.

  • Mound of Sound

    I think this contrived sexism business brought a lot of the female vote to Hillary and allowed her to sniffle and whine herself to a narrow victory in New Hampshire.  She had to do something to draw women voters away from Obama and, cheesy as it was, she knew exactly what it would take.

  • Tweety is certifiably crackers. As Bob Somerby says, "Simply put, this man is a nut."

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