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Random bits and bites

– Those of us who are political junkies will be watching the New Hampshire primary results today to see if Barack Obama can continue his surge, and whether Clinton and Edwards can limit it. For the Republicans, it’ll be to see if Romney can somehow recover and beat John McCain. One thing I do find interesting is how someone can win 2 state primaries (pr potentially win 2 state primaries) out of 50, and just because it’s Iowa and New Hampshire, everyone else is in trouble – so say the political and news pundits down there. I mean, Romney won Wyoming’s Republican delegates a few days ago, with McCain and Huckabee nowhere to be seen, but that has been virtually ignored. On the Dem side, apparently if Hillary Clinton can’t win or at least come in a respectable 2nd, she’s also “done”. I find that to be remarkable when so much of the country still has to vote. It is also why certain Democrats want to make those 2 primaries have less standing/influence on the presidential race (at least in their party’s primaries) and allow more states to have earlier primaries at the same time or close to the same time.

– I haven’t said anything on the David Orchard/Joan Beatty appointment controversy, because I really don’t have the passion for or against David Orchard that many of my Liberal colleagues do, so I don’t have an opinion on his viability as a candidate in the Desnethe Missinippi Churchill River riding. However, after seeing this article today, I will say this: just because someone supported Dion at the Liberal Convention and sent his supporters his way shouldn’t guarantee that person should automatically get what they want as payback. That said, if Orchard wants to run in Saskatchewan, I think he should be given that chance, and I don’t disagree with one prominent Liberal telling me privately that it would probably have been better optics and better tactically if Orchard had been appointed as the Liberal candidate in another Saskatchewan riding at the same time as the Beatty announcement (presuming of course that he’d accept that).

Additional later [email protected] 4:05 pm: To my troll Fred Bracken: I should probably let you know that trying to insult me using a couple of different alias’s won’t work, when I’m able to see where the IP address is from the commenters for the comments they left. I understand you can’t do that on a Blogger blog, but you certainly can on a WordPress one. So, nice try in trying to make it appear I’m being swarmed by a couple of different Con trolls, but when I get multiples coming from the exact same IP, it’s pretty easy to guess it’s from the same person (and uh, Fred, you’re banned from leaving comments here, if that wasn’t obvious – both for multiple aliases and for your lack of decorum and civility in your comments, which I’ve also designated as spam).


7 comments to Random bits and bites

  • Mr. Ed

    David Orchard is the co-author (with fellow lunatic Michael Mandel) of an op-ed calling our participation in the war in Afghanistan a war crime, “a supreme international crime.”

    Presumably then he sees Jean Chretien and his cabinet at the time as war criminals who ought to be brought up before the international court in the Hague and tossed in jail.He also considers our participation in the bombing of Yugoslavia another Canadian war crime.  Contrary to all evidence, he simply denies the Yugoslovia was engaged in ethnic cleansing and compares Canada’s attempt to stop Yugosolovia’s crimes against humanity to Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland. This guy is not a Liberal.  He’s a would-be demagogue.

    Dion has done the right thing in axing Orchard’s bid for the nomination in Sask. 

    Keeping Orchard away from Parliament is the whole point; that Beatty is a woman and an aboriginal is a bonus, but basically it’s camouflage. 

  • I think Fred is literally incarcerated at present.

  • mushroom


    Note that Dion has stayed silent on this and so has David.
    Sean in Sask. has provided a study in his blog why David running in Saskatoon-Wanuskewin is not viable.  In fact, there are no seats in Sask that the Grits have a viable chance of winning in the next election besides DMCR and Wascana.  Unless you are willing to convince me otherwise.

  • Red Tory

    btw Scott, did you get my e-mail from this morning?

  • You’ve done the right thing by banning Fred. He is a hillbilly and a fascist.

  • Red Tory

    Fred has serious mental issues. Really, the guy is quite disturbed. That’s the same guy who made over 100 duplicate posts on a thread over at the old place because I wouldn’t respond to one of his silly taunts. A right petulant wanker, that one.

  • Hi Scott — I agree that it might’ve looked better to appoint Orchard at the same time as Beatty.  I bet you Dion might’ve offered that, although I suspect Orchard probably has no idea where else we wants to run at this point.  Maybe in Sask.  I heard once he was considering running in B.C.  So we can likely expect some kind of nomination for him once he figures out where he wants to run. 

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