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Save the environment by sharing common items

I received an invite from Red Jenny to join a group called Do It The SocialWay. When I took a look at the description of the group, it mentions that it tries to help save the environment by sharing common items. Here’s an excerpt from their description at the Facebook site:

SocialWay is a non-profit initiative with the goal of becoming the earth’s largest library – an online community library that has things listed by the people for others to borrow and that is completely free for anyone to use. Why share? Sharing is a win-win – it saves space and money, and yet allows you to use more things. It can help build a virtual library in your community with real stuff such as books, movies, toys and tools. Last, but not the least, sharing will help you leave a better planet for your children. SocialWay helps by utilizing the stuff that everyone already owns more efficiently – lend what you don’t need right now and borrow what you don’t really need to buy. Also, see how much emissions you have saved.

This is a very intriguing concept and idea. In my particular case, I have a lot of books from my university days that are still valid that someone else could certainly use or read for free (An average book is usually read less then once in its lifetime, according to the site, and sharing one book will save carbon emissions that will take a ten-year old tree a whole year to absorb).

Their actual website is here, where you register for the program, sign up, and get more information on how this concept works; the Facebook group I’ve already provided a link to.

I think this is an example of people “thinking outside the box” with regards to how to cut down humanity’s carbon footprint, and I wish nothing but the best success for this group.


1 comment to Save the environment by sharing common items

  • rabbit

    Nice idea, but open to abuse which might make it unworkable.

    To some extent, the free market has already implemented such ideas. Video, car, and equipment rentals, and time shares, are capitalism’s way of sharing. So the question is, how could one make money by expanding on these ideas?

    Apart from "saving the planet", intelligent and efficient sharing can increase the effective wealth of the poor.

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