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John McCain needs to smarten up.

I think it was fellow progressive/liblogger Steve over at Far and Wide who told me not to underestimate John Mccain’s poor showing in the Republican primaries in Iowa as an indicator of how he might do in New Hampshire and the rest of the country, because he barely campaigned in Iowa or threw money at it, and was concentrating elsewhere.

Fair enough. But, if McCain continues to issue boneheaded statements like this, count me as being even more skeptical of his chances:

According to Wilford Brimley, voting for John McCain is the right thing to do.”Wilford Brimley is our response to Chuck Norris,” McCain said on his campaign bus. “He’s huge in every way.”

Chuck Brimley?

Wilford Brimley? This is the big celeb endorsement McCain is rolling out to counter Chuck Norris endorsing Mike Huckabee? The guy who for years did those Quaker Oats commercials because he’d run out of acting gigs? As one of the contributors at Daily Kos said, Who’s advising McCain?


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  • [quote comment="11947"]i just found it a high number of blogs coming from a party that seems to take pride in bashing Americans.[/quote]

    Um, its called taking shots at the Republicans – who just happen to be American – then taking shots at Americans in general. Daily Kos is a liberal Democratic blog in the US that is much more vehement at attacking Republicans then Canadian progressives ever do. Are they taking shots at Americans?  Of course they aren’t – people like you,  FredM,  just try to perpetuate that stereotype on Liberals and other non-Conservatives who are hostile to Republican ideology, (mainly because they see a carbon-copy of it up here in Harper), not Americans in general.

  • FredM

    I enjoy your website Scott but am amazed at the interest that liberal bloggers have with the American election. There are 17 liberal blogs on today writing about the American election and thats cool with me, you can write what you want, i just found it a high number of blogs coming from a party that seems to take pride in bashing Americans.

  • I can’t believe Brimley is still alive!

  • Ummmm, okay. Did Brimley steal your bicycle, Scott? I think he’s cool.

  • Scott, McCain is rolling in New Hampshire.   If McCain wins, then Romney is effectively done.  That means McCain goes to Michigan, with the native son Romney no longer a factor, and is the odds on favorite to win there.  The Detroit Free Press has already endorsed him, the campaign started running ads this week, Guiliani is AWOL.  That sets up the battle in South Carolina with Huckabee.  Given the resistence to Huckabee in the Republican establishment, McCain may well become the stop Huck candidate, in a state where he already enjoys solid support.  That’s the make or break point, and the odds aren’t long at all.  If McCain wins there, then Guiliani’s Florida strategy will become a historical footnote, dissected by future poli sci students, under the title "what not to do".  Looking at the big picture here, if McCain’s surge in New Hampshire holds, he has a very credible chance to take the nomination.   Brimley aside 😉

  • Who’s advising McCain?


    Maybe it’s the french fry people.


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