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Various items: Trudeau and the mob, the US primaries, and HDTV

Kind of a slow news day out there, but what caught my eye this morning was the story in the paper from an ex-mobster that claimed there were serious efforts afoot by the American mob to assassinate Prime Minister Trudeau in 1974, partly because of his political views towards Cuba, and hoping that Castro would attend his funeral so they could then assassinate him. Is he credible? It makes for a fascinating story-telling regardless.

Canadian politics is a bit slow right now, so in a continuation of yesterday’s blogpost, I’ll be interested in the Iowa US presidential primaries and their voting results today. Winning Iowa doesn’t mean you will win the Presidential nomination, but it does give you bragging rights, and the ability to try and claim momentum is on your side.

As well, on a personal note, my parents acquired HDTV capability from their satellite company. I’ll be interested to see if its as sharp as they claim, particularly since they are watching this on a smaller LCD TV (26″ or so). Tomorrow they find out if they can get wireless internet, which would be the ultimate life-saver for those of us trying to blog or do other stuff online, and who find dial-up the most frustrating thing ever.


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  • Jay

    The benefits of HDTV are really only apparent on LCD TVs above 30 inches  from what I gather and also requires the TV have 1080p.

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