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The last family Christmas of 2007

So, if anyone was wondering, it’s been a bit quiet here today because my mom’s side of the family were getting together for our family Christmas – we found that holding it after Christmas meant more people could make it. My grandfather and step-grandmother joined us from the retirement home – I’m not sure he knew all that was going on, but he did say he enjoyed seeing his great-grandchildren around, and on the whole, I think they both did very well today. I ended up being the baby-sitter for my cousins, but that was ok. They’re all very adorable.

Oh, and that present I got for my cousin who came back for Christmas from England – I ended up giving her a Team Canada toque (in England they call it a beanie, and it actually WAS called a “beanie toque” but she – being the patriotic Canadian she is – would have none of the beanie part and will definitely be calling it a toque to her English friends). She was very pleased to get it, and she said she’d definitely wear it. So, all in all, a pretty good day.


1 comment to The last family Christmas of 2007

  • knb

    Well done Scott.  I haven’t been by much, I am dealing with family stuff too.

    I’m so pleased that all went well.

    Do not underestimate how joy permeates the human spirit.  What we see may not be what is experienced.

    A late Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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