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Lap poodles.

Ok, so Peter MacKay visits the troops on Christmas Day, as does Rick Hillier, the Chief of Defense. No big deal.

A slight raising of my eyebrows occurs when MacKay says that smuggled weapons are “believed” to be coming into Afghanistan from Iran. It sounds suspiciously like the line that comes out of Washington DC from Bush and Cheney regarding Iran and smuggling arms into Iraq, though as Darren says, at least the US is trying to produce proof of that.

And almost as an afterthought, we read that the US Ambassador to Canada (and Bush loyalist) David Dinkins is also on the trip as a special guest. Forgive me for me being suspicious of that being more then Ottawa wanting to show Dinkins our nation’s gratitude for Bush describing Canadian soldiers who serve in Afghanistan as being brave.


3 comments to Lap poodles.

  • It’s Wilkins. Ambassador David Wilkins.
    David Dinkins was a flop as Mayor of NYC.

  • But don’t you see? Your theory that MacKay is cozing to Bush on Afghanistan is as unsubstantiated as claims that Iran is funding the Taliban. Then again, with Iran’s overt military buildup from Russian arms sales, I find the latter more believable. Besides, don’t you know? Nobody cares about Afghanistan or bin Laden in America anymore.

  • Scott,

    Even NATO commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Dan McNeill, said earlier this year that he isn’t sure about these weapons coming into Afghanistan from Iran.  He said the weapons might indicate they were MADE there but isn’t sure about the American claims that they’re actually being smuggled in via Iran.  The Taliban and Iran have a long history of hatred toward each other.

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