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Holiday blogging tips on properly hatemailing me

Since it’s the Holiday Season, I’m going to (in the spirit of giving) give out some free tips on how to properly send me hate-mail over my blogposts.

1) Make sure that the blogpost that has so infuriated you to cause you to write into me calling me a moron over the blogpost has actually been, you know, WRITTEN by me before you write me the hatemail – such as an email I received late last night about this blogpost. If there’s some confusion out there amongst some trollers, I’m the administrator of Progressive Bloggers. I do not write every blogpost that comes through on the aggregate, nor do I even agree with all of them… so save the hatemail for blogposts you see at my own personal blogsite.

2) Before you call said blogpost you hate to be typical of a “Lieberal blogger”, make sure after you read tip #1 and find out I didn’t write it to make sure to check the political affiliation of the said blogger who wrote it. In this case, I’m sure Buckdog – one of the most active of the Blogging Dippers – would be surprised to hear he’s a Lieberal.. er.. Liberal blogger.

3) “Lieberal” is so 2005 (or so SDA, since Kate’s Cult seems to use it over there still on a regular basis) .. find a better term.

4) It’s the holiday season, at least wish me a Merry Christmas after you’re done with your rant – misdirected or otherwise.

Oh.. and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

[email protected]:27pm: The person who originally emailed me which caused me to write my tips above emailed back,  apologizing for his mistaken identity, and wished me a Merry Christmas. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now – peace on earth, good-will to all, Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus etc etc.


4 comments to Holiday blogging tips on properly hatemailing me

  • Merry Christmas Scott.

  • Scott .. sorry that you caught the venom of that wing nut who obviously wanted to rant at me … sort of the virtual equivalent of rowdy types knocking on the wrong door in the middle of the night! Sorry for the trouble! ( …  and I have been called worse things thing a  ‘Liberal’  )

    All the best to you in 2008 and hope you and your family have a very nice Christmas!


  • Scott: Although I often find myself in disagreement with your posts, I always enjoy reading them. I wish you well this holiday season: may you have a joyful Christmas and a delightful New Year’s, and may 2008 see civility spread throughout the blogosphere.After all, we are all diminished when we refuse to hear each other’s voices.Bruce

  • Dan

    “Kate’s Cult”

    I like that.

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