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Looking for a last-minute (and uniquely Canadian) Christmas gift.

So its almost Christmas Eve (and likely will be before the majority of you read this). I’m looking for something to give to my cousin who is coming home from England for the family Christmas. She is over in England for awhile and for all we know may stay there… so I was thinking it might be nice to try and get her something to remind her of her “home and native land” when she gets homesick or needs reminding of family.

Normally on Christmas Eve, you’d think I’d be pushing my luck, but our particular family Christmas isn’t till the 29th, so I have some time after Christmas to look for this if I get the chance.

So if any of you have any suggestions (sincere ones), I’m all ears.(she’s in her mid-20’s).

[email protected]:38pm, Dec 24: I found what I think is perfect for her (and I’m not telling til after she receives it, in case she’s reading here).


4 comments to Looking for a last-minute (and uniquely Canadian) Christmas gift.

  • Tape a video of the Leafs blowing a third period lead. That’s uniquely Canadian.

    Well, that and Maple Syrup.

  • mushroom

    I give my friends from the UK, ice wine from Ontario.

    It is an acquired taste to them, but they can’t find it there.

  • Whooee! How ’bout a donation to the World Wildlife Fund or another environmental group aimed at saving our polar bears? Donate online. Print off a photo of a great white beast. Voila!

  • Great Aunty Bertha

    How about something from Stuart Mclean and the Vinyl Cafe.   A toque, perhaps (Canadian AND practical).   A piece of Native/Aboriginal/First Nations Art (support a local artist).  Music – plenty of options here.

    Good luck.


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